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The Holiday Bloat – 5 Ways To Avoid It…..

Beat holiday weight gain - keep exercising

Holiday weight gain – want to avoid it?  Wish you could come home feeling great…….and super energised? Does the overeating, drinking and lack of exercise on your holiday leave you feeling bloated AND depressed, at the thought of having to try and lose those extra kilos when you get home? Holiday weight gain sucks but […]

Annoying Belly Fat For Women In Their 50’s – 6 Ways To Deal With It!

Lose annoying menopausal belly fat in your 50's

Women In Their 50’s And That Annoying Belly Fat! It’s frustrating and depressing. Well you can thank a decrease, that starts in your 40’s, in the hormones estrogen and progesterone for women and testosterone for men, that’s giving you that belly that you seem to have no control over! Your life might be quite stressful […]