Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Ready to take your body from soft, stiff and achy….to strong, toned and oozing with energy?

The Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body Program 

A taste-test for ZenStrength50plus

Lengthen & Strenghen Your Body Program!

Ready to go from soft, stiff and achy….to strong, toned and oozing with energy?

Strengthen your core with side angle DB extend exercise

Train Shorter & Smarter Over 50!

The crazy hormonal dance puts your over 50 body under excess stress.

So what you’ve done for years isn’t going to work anymore.

Your training requires a different approach.

Training SHORTER & SMARTER is the key!

You CAN still move with fluidity and strength OVER 50!

Take your body from….

Can’t be bothered…to can’t wait to get started…

Tired with stiff muscles and joints….to bursting with energy…

Feeling soft…to feeling STRONG…

Fed-up and feeling defeated….to bursting with CONFIDENCE!

Get Toned Muscles,  Abs You Can Feel,

Stand Tall Posture & A Perky Butt

So you’re made to believe you hit menopause and it’s all downhill from here?  It’s not!

Noticing you need to workout harder now to get the same results?  You don’t!

You can nail it in a 20 minute workout.  It’s all about how the exercises are sequenced and performed.

  And the consistency!

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally.

It comes from what you do consistently!


Too many decisions to make in a day?  Want some ease in your life with a PLAN for your over 50 body?  No more injuring yourself with the wrong exercises.  OR trying to sort through the overwhelming load of changing advice and information out there.

You’ve got another 30-40 years on this planet.  Now’s not the time to give up.

This age bracket can throw a LOT of curve balls at you!  Trust me I know!  But you can’t keep beating yourself up about the way you look and feel.  Or thinking it’s a downhill slope…because none of your old exercise and eating tricks are working anymore.

It’s depressing and toxic for your mind.  And will impact your relationships and health.

What’s it worth to you to feel fit, strong and lean with less aches and pains for the next 30 years?  It’s totally doable with a PLAN and a mindset shift!

Put yourself first!  It’s not selfish.  It’s practical!  The happier you are…..everyone around you gets to benefit!

Let me walk you through it with Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body.  A holistic body-shaping approach for women over 50.


“…My hesitation about signing up was knowing I was in a place to make the honest commitment…..I felt out of sorts, active but not consistent. Your routines and committing to this program changed that….I truly felt I had a personal trainer in the room with me. Your cues throughout each segment are exactly what you got right.  Frankly, my arms are your best advertising – because people ask me what I do!….”

MEL melmediallc.com


“…I can’t begin to tell you how many programs I’ve purchased over the years. Either too difficult or no interest past the first few weeks. With your program I actually look forward to my workouts and reading your emails. You’re helping me transform my body and mind.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I know I’ve said this before, YOU ARE AWESOME! So thankful I found you. Don’t change a thing….”



“…Before ZenStrength I felt kinda lost and searching….now I feel motivated, toned and sometimes sore!  After the first couple of weeks I felt taller. At 5’’4 that felt great!!  I love the fact you work out “along” with me and you give guidance during the session….I also wanted variety, and you provide lots of that!  Loving your program!!…I’d recommend this program to women over 50…..I tell everyone that’ll listen about it…keep up the great work…”

Timea S.


I felt like an imposter when I started putting on weight heading into menopause!  I was a Master Personal Trainer!  I was supposed to know what I was doing!

But I didn’t give up or give in.

I designed a 20 minute ‘joint protecting’ training style that gives your body what it needs in this age bracket.  Strength, flexibility, balance, heart-raising cardio bursts and rest!  These workouts won’t wreck you!

Workouts designed to flow dynamically from one movement to another!

Your time on this planet is precious. How you feel and move matters. With ZenStrength50plus you have nothing to lose.…and a strong confident body & mind to gain! 


”…I actually haven’t been to the gym since starting your program but feel I’m getting better results.  I don’t get the soreness and inflammation of joint and muscles I previously struggled with……I plan to start your program again as I loved it so much and it fits into my time schedule…..”



“…I love that I can do 1 round if I’m stretched for time…. I felt stronger after using the program…..I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s….it’s challenging and enjoyable…..and you get great results…”



Get fat-burning, muscle-tone and touch-your-toes flexibility

Lost your motivation?

Want to get the ‘chilled-out’ back in your life?

A program layered with Mindset, meditation AND breathing habits & techniques



Get strong, flexible ab muscles that aren't gripping all the time! So you can bend and twist with ease!


Restore your spines flexibility so you deepen your breath and get the pressure off your pelvic floor…


Get your butt muscles switching on and off as needed to protect your lower back and knees! Yes...sleepy butt muscles cause knee, hip and other joint issues!

Perky Butt program glute exercises for women with bamboo stick

Get toned muscles back on your arms….no more avoiding sleeveless tops!


Supercharge your fitness levels so no more huffing and puffing up the stairs!


Challenge yourself with different moves. So you stop dreading your workouts!

You don’t have to put up with the crappy things happening to your body after 50!

Keep skipping your workouts? You’re a busy professional in a high stress job and have little time…

Thought you could keep doing the same exercise routines you did in your 30’s and 40’s? But none of your old tricks are working anymore…

Are in the hormonal dance of this age bracket! And feel like you’re yo-yo-ing with your weight and gaining belly fat?…

Feel like you’ve tried everything else…and are at the verge of just giving up?…

Just plain fed up with your body and what’s happening to it…

Want to continue to work out in a way that's not toxic to your body…

Can’t do what you used to do anymore?

Want to get back in shape? But not interested in programs targeting vanity. You want to regain flexibility and do movements your body has forgotten how to do….

Keep getting achy joints after lifting your usual weights and just can’t seem to shift the weight…

Love to stretch and exercise but feel defeated. Your current routines are just leaving you tight and sore…

Have enough decisions to make in a day. You don’t want to have to make them about your workout time. You want a plan that works for you and your lifestyle…

Sit most of the day for your job and your butt and hip muscles are on fire…..

get a Holistic Dynamic Flow, 20 minute home workout option!  designed by a 58yr old woman (me) for women over 50

You can CHANGE your BODY at any age!


“…My hesitations about signing up for ZenStrength were…would I like it? Would I stick to it?  Would it be too hard? …..I felt ’out of touch’ with my body, gaining weight and unmotivated….I now feel stronger, more confident generally, motivated and positive – with a focus…. I’m really enjoying the program and feel you’ve got everything right!….”



“…I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s….who have a moderate fitness level (not for those starting)…..they’re meaningful, fit for purpose and give results without that feeling of gym pain….even if you only do 1 round of each workout, you’ll feel it!…I can feel them already tightening and lengthening my body…”


Can’t always get to the gym?  Or just don’t want to go anymore?

Time for a UNIQUE way of working out!

CoreStrength50plus membership online workouts
CoreStrength50plus membership online workouts

20 minute dynamic flow, video workouts at the click of a button…

You won’t get bored with your training!

Get fit, lean, strong, flexible…..AND toned!  And kiss the achy joints and muscles goodbye!

Let me take away the time wasted trying to figure out what you should do each day!

Just log-in to the site….jump to the month you’re up to….and you’re ready to go!

No overwhelm of information for you to figure out!


”…..I absolutely love your workouts and your no fuss approach.  I turned 60 this year, have been a gym junkie most of my life…….and I honestly say I don’t think I want to go back to the gym as your workouts still challenge me…..”



“…It’s challenging but not too taxing so as to put you off…it’s not for beginners. It was perfect for me at the level it is….I feel stronger….my flexibility is better…..my glutes are stronger….my arms are getting some definition again….I actually feel a bit more like myself….!”



How Does It Work?

You get to taste-test the ZenStrength program!

ZenStrength50plus is 3 body-shaping programs in ONE!

Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body – 16 weeks

Lose Body Fat & Build Muscle – 16 weeks

Core Strong & Body Toned – 16 weeks

Join me first in Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body

with the option to join the full program when you’re ready…

What you get….

two new training calendar choices every month.  With a unique sequence of muscle-toning, body-strengthening, body-lengthening, joint-protecting and fat-burning 20 minute workouts!

Workouts designed to flow dynamically from one movement to another.


Workouts planned and sequenced to take the guess-work out of your training.  And to give you muscle-toning results…without wrecking you!


A Library of Exercise Demo videos – so you can master your form with any trickier movements!

Yoga With Weights

Lengthen & Strengthen in one workout.  You’ll love these moves!

DB Strength Training

To change the shape of your body in this age bracket – you’ve GOT to lift weights!

Body Weight Workouts

Challenge yourself & tone your muscles!

Low Impact Cardio Workouts

Take the pressure off your joints and get your heart-rate pumping!

Core Focused Workouts

work on these muscles and Watch your body stand taller as your posture lengthens!  And watch Your body grow stronger! A massive confidence booster!

Body-Shaping & Mindset-Nailing Habits & Tips…….

sweet meditation – take this on board and de-stress your day!


nutritional advice – so you make the right choices for your body!

stretch sequences – to keep opening up your body and get you touching your toes!


mindset & motivation techniques – to make working out a non-negotiable part of your week!

Learn how releasing your feet daily changes the way your body moves!

Start loosening the fascia (fine layer of connective tissue that covers your body) to heal your stiff muscles and achy joints!

Deepen your breathing and calm your mind with these simple habits and  techniques.


And sitting on the loo!  Get this wrong in this age bracket and it causes constipation and pelvic floor issues!

And loads more…..this is a robust program.  but you don’t have to do it all at once.  You have on-going access to this program to take these habits on at your own pace!

all given out to you in ‘bite-sized’ amounts.  so you’re not overwhelmed.  and….you stick with exercising….for life!

Plus Bonuses…

Weekly access to me to ask any training questions.  I’ve been a Master Personal Trainer for over 20 years.  Which is The next step-up from a Personal Trainer!  I’m 58.  I get where you’re at!  And….you will be talking to me!  Not a team member.


Got an Injury?  Try these upper or lower body alternative workouts!


Rehab Exercise Section.  Got any muscle and joint niggles?  Get rid of the tightness and tension in your shoulders, neck, back and feet.  These rehab exercises and stretches are your fix-it friend!

What A Healthy Eating Day Looks Like.  And IBS helpers.  This BONUS supports all the nutritional advice and guidelines in your program. 

Is Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body right for you…….

 Want a quick fix solution to everything that’s going on with your body?  This program is probably not for you.  This is a PLAN…to get you to embrace physical movement 5-6 x per week. Movement that will strengthen, lengthen and lean up your body.  AND boost your confidence levels for years to come.


Want to workout regularly but don’t want to do the mindset work?  Hand on heart…to achieve anything in life you’ve got to put an equal amount of time into your mindset.  It’s what derails all of us from reaching our dreams.  This program has a healthy dose of mindset work in it.  Plus you have weekly access to me!  I’m here to help you get the best out of your body.

 Tried other online programs and never stuck to them?  Either ended up bored or disillusioned as the Trainer isn’t in your age bracket? I guarantee you WON’T be bored with the variety and challenge of workouts.  I’ve used the very best of Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Functional Strength Training and Low Impact Cardio Moves to lengthen and strengthen your body.  Whilst protecting your joints.  Each month of workouts is sequenced to get the very best out of the muscles in your body.

 And you WILL be training with me for the entirety of each video workout.


Totally new to working out?  Unfortunately this program is probably not the best place for you to start.  You need a moderate level of fitness to do these workouts.

And if you’re not sure you have that level…all the workouts are designed in two 10 min rounds.  So you have the time and space to build your fitness levels up to 20 minute workouts.

And trust me you CAN get a great workout in 10 minutes.  A workout that won’t wreck you…but will leave you feeling energised and strong!


So if you’re not willing to settle for slowng down, just because you’re over 50….

You’ve always been an active person but you’re feeling let down by your achy, stiff muscles and joints…

OR…you want to feel that strength, confidence and energy coursing through your body again…

You’re in the RIGHT place!


”…I honestly cannot praise you enough…….I loved everything about the programme it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped my confidence and to get my mind and body back to a better place after struggling with many menopause symptoms…..”



”…I’m loving the exercises, everything about your program is doa-able and fun, I feel fantastic afterwards.  I’ve recommended it to friends and collegues…” 


You don’t have to…


Commit to a pricey gym membership - get bored, stop going but keep paying your monthly instalments - just in case you change your mind!


Spend an hour working out. Who has the time!


Sit in traffic for 20-30 minutes. Getting to your class stressed and annoyed!


Buy lots of expensive equipment that ends up shoved in the corner of your garage!


Worry about being judged in a crowded gym. OR worry about what you’re wearing! No-ones going to see you!


“…Your program is such a great fit…I’m so much better for doing it, even when I don’t see it my hubby definitely does!…I really enjoy your instruction, you’re very precise and I feel safe that I’m not going to injure myself even though I’m pushing myself.  Amazing, unique program specifically for our age group.  And can be done anytime, anywhere!….”



“…I like the simplicity in the presentation. No fancy backgrounds, no music, no exercise or yoga froufrou around you – just you doing the exercises with me!… and constant reminders of how to approach an exercise – it’s like you’re in the room with us…”


Sequenced 20 minute dynamic flow workouts and holistic body-changing training

With on-going access!

NEVER have to ‘ummm and ahhhh’ about what workout to do!

 Just pick a month and follow your Training Calendar.


“….Your combo of weights and yoga is an absolute winner and the balance challenges are critical for older women….I can see my body has changed, especially upper body and leg endurance and I notice the increased strength and endurance I have when I’m doing my Pilates workouts…..this is the best $ I’ve spent on exercise support, the workouts are fun, varied and challenging…” 


Want a sneak peek inside the program?

I recorded this video walk-through so you can see what you’re getting in the program and how smoothly it runs…..

Get trained by a Master Personal Trainer without the hefty price tag!

Most online fitness memberships have a monthly fee.  When you stop paying that fee you no longer have access to the program.

This is a one-off payment with on-going access. 

Training and improving your body is not a limited time thing.  It’s lifelong!

home workouts for women over 50

How do I join?

Step One >

Choose the Lengthen & Strengthen Program.   Get on-going access. 

Step Two >

Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Three >

Print out or take a photo of your NEW Training Calendar as it becomes available each month.

Get Started Now!

Join me in the 16 week Lengthen & Strengthen Your body Program first >

A taste-test of ZenStrength50plus!

16 weeks of PLANNED muscle-toning, body lengthening & fat-burning 20 minute workouts.

With holistic & nutritional body-changing habits to take on board…and on-going access…

And the BONUS of 16 weeks to ask me any training questions.

With the option to join me in the FULL ZenStrength50plus program with all the extra BONUSES when you’re finished….

1 x upfront payment


My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Stick to the Training Calendar.  Do the workouts and get a feel for how the flow of this robust program works!  If you’re not happy, email me and let me know why.  14 days from the date of purchase ONLY.  No refunds after 14 days.

Holistic home workout program FOR women over 50….

If you’re reading this page, you haven’t given up on your body!

You may have tried a lot of other things…but trust me…

you CAN make body-shaping changes training SHORTER & SMARTER over 50! 

Let me show you how…

Get Toned Muscles, Abs You Can Feel

Stand Tall Posture & A Perky Butt!

 On-going access & BONUSES

I’m here to help you get the best out of your body!

Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body  >

A ZenStrength taste-test

16 week program…

USD $299

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Do I Have To Workout For?

20 minutes is all it takes. Workouts designed in 2 x 10 minute rounds, so if you’re pressed for time, you can still get a great 10 minute workout!

Plus of course your Pre & Post Workout Stretching time. In video AND printable – so it’s super easy to follow.

What If I Can’t Do Some Of The Exercises?

Each workout has exercise modifications for those trickier exercises! And you get an exercise demo section.  I want to get your muscle tone shining through but also protect your joints!

What If My Problem Is Motivation?

Your success in exercising is ALL about your mindset.

  • You get weekly encouragement emails from me.
  • And on-going motivation tips throughout the membership.
  • Plus your Bonus Motivation Mojo Booster Videos are GOLD!
  • And you get weekly access to ask me any training or motivation questions.  I’m here to help.
Sounds like a lot! Am I going to be overloaded with information?

My aim is to NOT overwhelm you!  But get you lovin’ exercising!

Your first week is a Pre-Training Week where you have time to get organised before you start your workouts.  You also get access to the First Week of training in case you’re already organised and ready to go!

All the program information is given out to you week-by-week so you’ve time to take it in and put it into practice.