Been training awhile? What you've been doing not working anymore?

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Time to find a new way of working out!


Fed-up with what's going on with your body over 50?


Tried other exercise programs but just ended up tired, sore...or bored?


Loss of muscle tone and strength in your body making you feel invisible?

Don’t ‘give up or give in’

You can change your body at any age!

When I hit peri-menopause, I freaked out.

I was a Master Personal Trainer with 30 years experience in health and fitness.  And what I was doing for my body, wasn’t working anymore!

I felt like an imposter.  Training people but putting on weight and feeling like my body was out of control!  I started to dread going to work.  And didn’t like telling people outside of work I was a Master Trainer.  In case they looked at me and thought “Really!!”

But it made me stop and look at how I was exercising and eating.  I didn’t give up!  I started to ‘tweak’ and refine what I was doing.

My body felt strong again.  All over.  I stood taller.  I felt that sweet buzz of confidence coming back.  And as that layer of puffiness on my body disappeared, so did that relentless voice in my head, picking myself to pieces.

Through trial and error I designed a training style that WORKS for women in this age bracket

Why these programs work…..

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

20 minute workouts!  With weekly body-changing & mind-calming habits to get the ‘zen’ back in your life.

Designed by a woman in her 50’s FOR women over 50…….

  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga with Weights
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Functional Strength Training
  • And Low Impact Cardio Moves
Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer doing goddess squat with jungle background

Don’t put up with…


Muscle tone doing a disappearing act? You're not alone! It happens in this age bracket!


Tired, tired, tired? Zero energy? Dragging yourself through the day is draining!


Feeling invisible? Losing your strength is a confidence killer!


Stiff and sore? It changes the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Don’t train harder or longer or go on some crazy diet!

20 Minute Workouts!

CoreStrength50Plus programs give you……


Motivation - each program is loaded with Motivation Mojo tools to get you on your mat!


Lean Toned Muscles - the ‘Yoga with Weights’ combo makes you STRONG while also protecting your joints.


A Strong Back & Beautiful Posture - Pilates and Barre moves have you standing taller and breathing deeper.


Flexibility - want to touch your toes? This’ll get you there.


Loads of Energy - bursts of Low Impact Cardio burns body fat and makes you feel invincible!


Confidence - feeling STRONG in your body is life-changing stuff! It might sound cheesy....but it's true!

Find out more about me here > About Elaine

How it works

Step One >

Choose your program. Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Two >

Print out or take a photo of  your Training Calendar.

Step Three >

Access the program via this website as it becomes available.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

100% Money Back Guarantee.  Stick to the Training Calendar.  And do the workouts!  Don’t see or feel a change in your body and mind?  I’ll refund your money.  One month from the date of purchase ONLY.  No refunds after one month.


Your program has been life changing for me….. I love the video presentation, your explanation of how to do it, and showing us the correct form….. I was unsure how to proceed to keep fit….my hubby’s exercise regime is not suited to me and I love that I have my own now…..I’m much stronger.

Claire C.


I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s…..it’s quick and simple but gets results and makes me feel physically and mentally stronger…the entire workout pushed my limits and left me just the right amount of exhausted and sore the next day.….the length is perfect for me to easily fit in to my busy life…..there’s not unnecessary conversation or carry on……just your loveliness and the workout.

Phillipa Cullen



It’s challenging but not too taxing so as to put you off…it’s not for beginners. It was perfect for me at the level it is….

I feel stronger….my flexibility is better…..my glutes are stronger….my arms are getting some definition again….I actually feel a bit more like myself.

Jalna H.


You only need a few pieces of equipment and it’s quite amazing just how many different things you can do with a couple of weights. The sessions never get boring, they’re challenging…….I always feel great afterwards.

Katrin Robinson