99% of us will gain belly fat in this age bracket

Some more than others.  The other 1% are either genetically blessed.  Or are extremely rigid in their training.  And spend a good chunk of time denying themselves with their eating.

The genetically blessed….I’m a little envious.  The rigid….I respect your commitment.  But I wouldn’t want to do it.

So if it’s a given that 99% of us will gain some belly fat….why are we so hard on ourselves about it?  Beating ourselves up.  Berating ourselves for not looking like we did 10 years ago.  Stressing that we’re not doing more or looking better.

I’ve got a couple of video workouts in my programs where my stomach looks bloated and fat.  A couple of years ago I would’ve freaked out and re-done the workouts.  On a flatter belly day.

But I’ve kept them in the program.  Because this is the reality of this age bracket.  Some days I’m bloated.  Sometimes I know why.  And some days I have no idea why.

But I accept it’s the hormonal dance.  And know that it will go.  It’s not an indicator of me not being fit, strong and healthy.

So I’m not saying – because it’s just a menopausal given – don’t do anything about belly fat!

I’m saying accept it.  THEN do something about it.  For this time in your life.  Not dreaming or aiming towards having the belly of your 20’s!

Women start storing deeper belly fat during peri-menopause. You can’t see this fat the way you do subcutaneous fat (the jiggly fat underneath the surface of your skin).  But it’s what bloats your belly from deep within.

It’s scientifically proven that having layers of fat on top of your organs puts them under more pressure.  And in this age bracket you don’t want your organs under anymore pressure than need be!

You don’t give up.  But you stop beating yourself up!

And fat can be your friend. It’s not always the evil thing it’s made out to be.  After menopause you start to store more fat in your hips and thighs.  This type of fat is associated with healthier lipid and blood sugar levels.   And a lower risk of heart disease.

The benefits of this hip and thigh fat can offset the risks that come with having too much of that deep belly fat.

So….How to Lose Belly Fat in your 50’s?

1. Get your Hormones Tested!

By a Hormone Doctor who specialises in bio-identical plant derived hormones.

You need a level playing field in this age bracket to make changes to your body.

And yeah it’s frustrating!   Training hard and eating clean?  If your hormones are ‘out of whack’ you’ll struggle to get the results you deserve.

It’s a very personal decision, so do your homework and feel comfortable with your choice.

Even if you don’t decide to go ahead, at least you’ll know what’s happening to your UNIQUE body.   And you can try other alternative, natural ways of levelling out your hormones.

Knowledge Is Power!

2. BIN all your diets!

Since the dieting trend came in, back in the 1950’s we’ve become the fattest we’ve ever been!  So I’d say that’s a pretty good indicator they don’t work.

And get the crap out of your cupboard.   AND eat clean!  If you eat processed laden crap.  It’s going to show up on your body and in your mind – like crap!  You are what you eat.  And your body is VERY unforgiving in this age bracket!

3. Strength Train!

Keep your muscles toned and strong!  Strong active muscles are scientifically proven to reduce visceral (deep) fat.

4.  Interval Train

Short bursts of heart-raising exercises within your workout are el-primo fat-burning stuff.  For women in this age bracket.

You want your heart rate to go up and down in bursts during your workout.  This type of training gets the fat off your butt and belly.

5.  Calm your mind!

Stress releases cortisol.  Cortisol loves dumping fat on your belly and butt!

Keeping calm?  It’s a toughie in your 50’s.   Our raging hormones can make us highly irritated by people and things!  So a BIG part of your training program should include some type of breathing or meditation time.

Here’s my personal take on body fat in general….

And this is not scientific evidence based stuff…it’s just my experience and my opinion.

Since my 40’s whenever I leaned up and lost a bit of weight.   And was happy with my butt, belly and body….I always looked too drawn in the face.

When I put on an extra couple of kilos….my face looked instantly better.  Yeah there was a bit more going on in the butt and belly region.   But only one person gets to fully see my body.  My hubby!  And lets face it…as long as I’m naked….he’s happy.  2kgs on or 2kgs off!

The other 99% of the population see’s my face.

Plus as I got closer to peri-menopause, it was hard work and lots of food denial to keep that extra couple of kilos off.  AND I was entering a phase of life where I was over beating myself up about my body.

I know there’s a way around that drawn face look….botox and fillers.  But it’s not for me.  I’m not against cosmeceutical treatments or cosmetic surgery.   If it makes us feel better.   Why not!  (Although I can get a bit judgey and WTF – when I see what some famous people have done to their once beautiful faces.  It’s just plain weird!)

I like the ageing aspect of my face.  It interests me to see the wrinkles.  I’m not put off by them or freaked out by them.

So I came to the conclusion several years ago….the extra couple of kilos – stays on.

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