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How To Get The Body You Want In Your 50’s…..

DB forward raise for making your body strong

Focus on Body Strengthening Exercises In Your 50’s! Disappearing boobs and a drawn face are generally the result of focused ‘weight loss’ in this age bracket.  And Those Are The Two Areas you might WANT your Weight To Stay On! If you focus instead, on strengthening exercises and work on toning and building yourmuscles, you […]

How To Get Fit, Strong & Healthy In Your 50’s

core training with exercise ball for menopause women

What’s The Quickest Way To Get Fit, Strong & Healthy In Your 50’s?  Embrace The Training Process!   Hey I get it…..you want a ‘quick fix’!  You want to get healthy in your 50’s but you want it ‘yesterday’!  You want the –  weight loss,  core strength,  lean muscle  ……….and a strong healthy body! But […]