Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Fit After 50!

Four Tips That’ll Do The Trick!

Number 1: Do the Motivation-Mojo Mindset work that’s included in each program, can be found in the blogs on this site or in my FREE Motivation Video Series (click on the link above).

Number 2: Set up a designated workout area!  Don’t have the space in your house to leave your mat and equipment out?  Figure out where you’re going to train. Have all your training tools and mat in a big basket or cupboard, so they’re easy to set up. And of course your music at the ready!

Number 3: Pick a non-negotiable training time and stick to it. Imagine it’s an appointment with a Personal Trainer and if you don’t show up you’ll be charged $100 for a no-show session!

Number 4: Remember the feeling in your mind and body AFTER you’ve done a heart-racing, muscle-toning workout. The endorphins are streaming through your body and you feel amazing – you feel strong and your body feels light! You’re full of energy and positivity.

Remember that feeling ALWAYS. So whenever you try and talk yourself out of your workout – go back to that feeling. It’s such a powerful motivator for you to get your mat out and get training!

The workouts in all the programs are designed in 10 minute rounds (plus your pre and post workout stretching time) so if you’re pressed for time you can still get a great workout in 10 minutes.

There are alternative poses demonstrated for some of the trickier exercises and cues are given along the way to ensure you have great form when you train.

Feel free to contact me at elaine@corestrength50plus.com if you’ve any queries throughout your program. I love to talk Health & Fitness!

For one up-front payment, these Muscle Toning and Body Lengthening & Strengthening programs are the price of 3 or 4 coffees per week – depending on where you live in the world!

So when you look at it like that, it’s a must-have ‘small’ investment in your health, fitness, massive feel-good factor and longevity!

As soon as your payment comes through, you’re sent a list of easy-peasy detailed instructions so you know exactly what you need to do to log-in.

Once you log-in you get step-by-step instructions on what to do first.   So there’s no guess work involved!

Of course any problems – just drop me an email.