The Home Workout Program For Getting toned muscles In Your 50’s

Is Your Body Turning Into the Body You Said You’d Never Have?

Get Fit Over 50!

Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned!

Fully Downloadable Online Video Workouts

Combining The Very Best Of Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Strength Training & Low Impact Cardio Moves

Proven Body Toning Training In 20 Minutes

You don’t have to put up with the negative changes happening to your body during menopause………….

 The loss of muscle tone, particularly in your arms and butt.

 That lack of confidence in how you look and feel.

 Those aching muscles and joints.

Or struggling with motivation…….and feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall!

I understand, because like you, I’ve been there myself.  But you don’t have to accept it!

Don’t waste time trawling through the internet trying to find workouts suitable for you.

You can change your body at any age!

Get fit over 50!  Let me show you how.

“……….I’m passionate about helping menopausal women combat loss of muscle tone with downloadable 20 minute, video workouts, to get you Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned!“.

Get fit over 50 - roller side plank

These 'Muscle Toning' programs feature..........

………..fully downloadable, online video workouts.  A Unique Training Style that uses the best of –

◊ Yoga
◊ Power Yoga
◊ Pilates
 ◊ Barre
◊ Functional Strength Training
◊ And Low Impact Cardio Moves

This powerhouse combination will challenge your body, fire up and tone your muscles AND protect your joints.

You won’t get bored with these workouts!

The workouts are designed in 10 minute rounds, so if you’re pressed for time, you can still get a great 10 minute workout.

Your program includes………..

♦ Pre and Post Workout Stretches
♦ Plus Proven Training Tips
♦ Holistic Nutritional Advice
♦ …………..And Fantastic Rehab Exercises To Strengthen and Lengthen Your Body

Each ‘Muscle Toning’ program comes with a detailed Training Calendar so you can get yourself into a routine of training that works!

I’m a Master Personal Trainer with 30 years of knowledge and experience in fitness and health.

You Can Change Your Body At Any Age!

The Home Workout Program

For Getting toned muscles In Your 50’s

How It Works

Step 1:

Choose your program and upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step 2:

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step 3:

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your hard-drive as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You:

100% Money Back Guarantee if after one month from the date of purchase, of doing the workouts and following the Training Calendar, you feel the program isn’t right for you.  No hassles, no questions asked.

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See What Our Clients Say

You only need a few pieces of equipment and it’s quite amazing just how many different things you can do with a couple of weights. The sessions never get boring, they’re challenging and you’ll feel you’ve worked out – but in a good way, not as if you’re just about to collapse with exhaustion.  I always feel great afterwards.”
Katrin Robinson

“……..I loved everything about the programme it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped my confidence and to get my mind and body back to a better place after struggling with many menopause symptoms.”

Louise Glen

“…….Your pre-plan and all your tips are gold!!! Your exercise techniques are on point and I’m feeling great sleeping better and waking more motivated.”

Natalie McCartney


Having Back Issues?

A Strong Body with muscles that are fired up and working, will dramatically improve your posture and help support your spine.


Feeling Tired?

Getting fit over 50, with 20 minute workouts will give you a huge burst of daily energy and a BIG burst of positive energy!

Get fit over 50- Pilates Ball Squat Flys

 Feeling Invisible?

 Confidence will be your friend as you watch your body get stronger, leaner, fitter AND flexible!




Unhappy With What You See In The Mirror?

Is your body turning into that body you said you’d never have?  Toned muscles will change the way you look and move.

Get fit over 50 with Superman Single DB


The Home Workout Program For Getting toned muscles in your 50’s




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Get fit over 50!

Get fit over 50 - Extended Side Leg Pose