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Lose your batwing arms - dumbbell tricep hold on the mat


FREEBIE – 5 Day 20 Minute Workout Challenge

Get rid of your achy body, build toned muscles and get touch your toes flexibility without training longer & harder!

Join me here and get a taste of my unique 20 minute Dynamic Flow training style…

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CoreStrength50plus membership online workouts

“…I completed the 5 day workouts and it was amazing…..” Pattie

“…Loved this challenge program and training notes….thank you…” Tracey

“…Your videos are fantastic….thanks again…” Angie

…been training awhile…hit a plateau?

What you’ve been doing for years just not working for your body anymore?  Feeling bored and frustrated?  And ready for a change!  Holistic 20 minute body-strengthening, body-lengthening, fat-burning workouts.

…feeling drained at the end of the day because you’re tired and achy?

Make your body STRONG & FLEXIBLE with dynamic, joint protecting movements!  It’s an instant ENERGY BOOSTER and has a flow-on effect to your personal life and the people in your life.

…busy and got that ‘guilty’ feeling from skipping your workouts?

Feel stressed about it because you’re often short on time?  Train SHORTER & SMARTER with 20 minute workouts!  And mindset & motivational habits to make your exercise time non-negotiable!

Rice paddy view hamstring stretch corestrength50plus

…combining the best of  yoga, power yoga with weights, pilates, barre, functional weight training & low impact cardio moves…

You won’t be bored with the dynamic flow of moves in these 20 minute Master Trainer Designed workouts!

imagine lovin’ life in your 50’s….

….being unfazed by the occasional aches, unbothered by comparing yourself to the past (or others)….

…..and immune to sweating the small stuff…..

Making your body strong is a massive feel-good booster!


“…I just want to “show up” and have someone tell me what to do so the only decision I have to make is THE showing up. I spend most of my work hours telling people what to do and how to do it and I just don’t want to make too many decisions with my workouts….I LOVE your program! I feel motivated, more toned and sometimes sore!  I’m telling my friends about it because I DO feel better…Keep up the great work!!!…” TIMEA S.


“…My ZenStrength workouts have become a daily luxury – a must.  And if I don’t have time for the full 20 I do half…..the health/nutrition and life pointers are treasured…I have and will absolutely continue to recommend this program to women in their 50’s….frankly, my arms are your best advertising – because people ask me what I do!….” MEL GREENBERG – www.melmediallic.com

Elaine Reynolds Corestrength50plus & Zenstrength in the jungle

so if you……


never seem to get any different muscle tone from anything you’re currently doing. And feel like your body just won’t define…


feel like you’re losing your agility and body strength. And your core muscles are being neglected….


realise that gym classes aren’t suitable for your body anymore. You get pushed to ‘PUSH' your body more and more 'go heavier, go faster' so you end up just going home…


can’t seem to make progress with your current workouts. Realise you need to shake it up. But not sure where to start…


get bored really easily with routines that aren’t giving you any results…


are taking too long to recover from your normal weight training routines….


sit most of the day for your job and your butt and hip muscles feel like they're on fire…..


feel overwhelmed trying to figure out a successful workout routine on your own…


want to do workouts that leave you feeling energised. Not exhausted…


want to keep your muscles supple and toned to support your joints…


need a daily body and mind outlet for the stress of your work commitments…

…holistic 20 minute dynamic flow

video workout programs

designed by a woman in her 50’s FOR women over 50…


“…I felt loose and slouchy and not strong.…now……tight, tall and strong. The biggest noticeable change is my upper back muscles holding my shoulders back, I stand so much taller and open chested which makes me feel stronger……mentally and physically. I love it!…” PHILLIPA H.


“…This ZenStrength program is ideal for women who aren’t beginners…..your combo of weights and yoga is an absolute winner…and the balance challenges are critical for older women….this is the best $ I’ve spent on exercise support…the workouts are fun, varied and challenging…”  MERI

Motivation an issue?

You get plenty of tools to get you MOTIVATED and on your mat!  And access to me!  I’m here to help you get the best out of your body.

Bored with the same old workouts?

You won’t be bored with the variety in these workouts!  Energy Yoga, Yoga with Weights, Pilates, Barre, Functional Strength Training and Low Impact Cardio Moves will keep you challenged, balanced, flexible, strong AND lean!

Wondering where your muscles went?

This unique training style shifts your extra weight, gets your muscle tone back AND protects your joints!

Feeling stiff and sluggish?

Get your endorphins flowing with 20 minute energising workouts. AND touch-your-toes flexibility with yoga infused routines.  Workouts designed to flow dynamically from one movement to another!

Sweating the small stuff?

Habits to chill your mind and deepen your breath.  Get the zen back in your day without having to book a pricey body/mind retreat (although that does sound good!)

Choose Your Body Shaping program!

Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer for women 50 plus

I’ve been on the icky ‘belly bloating, body aching’ menopause train.  So I get it! But you can turn it all around!

“…don’t give up OR give in – over 50!  beat loss of muscle tone and get the ‘zen’ back in your life with my holistic 20 minute body-shaping workout programs…”

Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer

Have we met?  If not you can find out more about me here…. About Elaine

as featured in…


“…I can’t begin to tell you how many programs I’ve purchased over the years. Either too difficult or no interest past the first few weeks. With ZenStrength I actually look forward to my workouts and reading your emails. You’re helping me transform my body and mind.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  So thankful I found you. Don’t change a thing….” A.B.


“…I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s…your program has been life changing for me….you show empathy, give guided direction and illustrate how we could all be if we keep at it….I feel a sense of ownership of my own health and fitness.  It feels empowering….….thank you for being transparent and cheerful on every workout…” CLAIRE C.

Don’t waste time trawling through the internet trying to find workouts suitable for you…

get fit over 50!

Let me show you how

Step One >

Choose your program. Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Two >

Print out or take a photo of your Training Calendar.

Step Three >

Access the program via this website as it becomes available.

a holistic home workout plan

Routines designed to flow dynamically from one movement to another

So you burn body fat, build muscle and keep the ‘touch your toes’ flexibility in your body

All in a 20 minute workout!

choose your program…

ZenStrength 50Plus

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

What if you could stop making excuses why you can’t fit in a workout today?  AND get the sweet zen back in your life?

A Master Trainer designed workout and chill out your mind, guided plan.  All you have to do is log-in each morning.

No overload of confusing information.  This is a body-shaping PLAN for women over 50!

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts
Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer doing side angle pose with jungle background

Lengthen & Strengthen Your Body

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Want to taste-test ZenStrength50plus first?  This 16 week program is for you!

Hit a brick wall with your training? Not getting results?  The dynamic flow sequencing of exercises will get you excited to be back on your mat.

Say goodbye to being tight, sore and achy!  You’ll be energised AND your toned muscles will shine through!


“…I love that I can do 1 round if I’m stretched for time….. I felt stronger after using the program…..I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s….it’s challenging…. enjoyable and you get great results…” LOUISE



“…You’re totally amazing at what you do and I highly recommend your programme…..I’d hit a brick wall and had no motivation to exercise and I was bored at the gym. I now look forward to doing the workouts in the programme…”  L.GLEN


“…Your pre-plan and all your tips are gold!!! Your exercise techniques are on point and I’m feeling great sleeping better and waking more motivated…thanks Elaine for your expertise!…” NATALIE M.


“…You only need a few pieces of equipment and it’s quite amazing just how many different things you can do with a couple of weights. The sessions never get boring, they’re challenging and you’ll feel you’ve worked out – but in a good way, not as if you’re just about to collapse with exhaustion. I always feel great afterwards….” 


My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Stick to the Training Calendar.  Do the workouts and get a feel for how the flow of this robust program works!  If you’re not happy, email me and let me know why.  14 days from the date of purchase ONLY.  No refunds after 14 days.

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