Choose Your Program…

My programs aren’t for everyone!  But they are for you if….


You’re NOT new to working out…


What you’re doing now doesn’t seem to be working for you anymore…


You may or may not love working out….but you LOVE the benefits of it…


You’re pressed for time and beat yourself up about missing your workouts…


You’re somewhat over the crowded gym scene. Or hesitant to go back to group training….


You’re bored with your current routine…

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts


What if you could stop making excuses why you can’t fit in a workout today?….AND get the sweet zen back in your life?

A Master Trainer designed workout and zen out your mind guided plan.  At your fingertips.  All you have to do is log-in each morning.

No overload of confusing information or wondering what to do next.  This is a plan and it works for women in their 50’s!

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts
Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer doing side angle pose with jungle background
Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Tight & Toned in 20

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your training OR just plain bored with your workouts?

This 8 week guided program will get you back on your mat, energised, challenged AND get your toned muscles showing up!

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Power & Energy Yoga

Muscles feeling stiff? Get touch-your-toes flexibility! Make your body strong & ‘long’ while protecting your joints!

Energy Yoga AND Yoga With Weights gets your heart rate going AND gets you walking taller & breathing deeper.

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with 20 minute home workouts
Lose Your Batwing arms after 50
Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Lose Your Batwing Arms

If you’re wondering where the strength in your arms has gone and you’re always looking for ways to cover them up – this is the one for you!

An easy to follow program you can do on its own or mix in with your other workouts.

How it Works…

Step One >

Choose your program. Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Two >

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step Three >

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your hard-drive as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

100% Money Back Guarantee if after one month from the date of purchase, of doing the workouts and following the Training Calendar, you feel the program isn’t right for you.
No hassles, no questions asked.


Loving your workouts!  I like the flexibility of doing them when life distractions intervene….they definitely work the areas of my body that need focus especially my arms and core!  Fabulous workout in 20 minutes!!



This ZenStrength program is ideal for women who aren’t beginners…..your combo of weights and yoga is an absolute winner…and the balance challenges are critical for older women….this is the best $ I’ve spent on exercise support…the workouts are fun, varied and challenging!



You’re totally amazing at what you do and I would highly recommend your programme. You explain everything in detail and you’re very encouraging……… I’ll never get bored with them…..they make me feel great afterwards!

Louise G.


I’m loving the program and the way you’re delivering all the information……..your program has given me a door into a ‘better me’!

Shauna A.