A simple change in how you stand when you perform an exercise makes you work more muscle groups in your body.  The Staggered Stance!  You get BIG bang for buck when you do these type of movements!

It’s all about training smarter!

This staggered stance…..

  • Forces your legs, hips and calves to work harder!  The load is shared between more muscle groups.  You’re working harder in a shorter amount of time.  And more muscle groups working means an increase in heart-rate.
  • It’s close to single leg training.  But you have more stability.
  • It takes the pressure off your lower back.
  • And allows your hips to move more freely.
  • The hinging forward movement gets your hips in the right position.  And gets your butt muscles working.  An extra bonus!

This video is a snippet from one of my Workout Videos.  I’m using 1kg DB’s with high repetitions.

You can still do this exercise in a different style of workout.  With a heavier weight.

Training Tips:

  • Start with feet hip width apart.
  • Bring the DB’s to the front of your body.  And have them touching.
  • Take a small step back with your right foot.  Stay high on your back toe.
  • As you breathe out – hinge forward from the hips.
  • Your back is long and your neck is long.
  • Draw up on your belly button and look down at the ground.
  • Double fly – to shoulder height or slightly above (depends on the weight of your DB’s).
  • Come up from the hips to starting position.
  • Focus on that hinging feeling through your pelvis.
  • Keep your neck relaxed.

Repeat 10x.  Then change legs.  If your weight is heavier – do less reps.

Do this sequence twice throughout your workout.

Don’t give up or give in!

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