Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

Train Smarter Over 50

3 part video series

starts 18th September

& Freebie Inner Thigh & Upper Body Workout

*  Sitting at a computer all day?  Strengthen your Lower & Inner Ab Muscles with these…

*  Achy hips?  Sleepy butt muscles?  A SUPER FUN Butt Booster Exercise Sequence…

*  Skipping your workouts?  The fail-proof habit to get you on your mat!


Challenging 20 minute video workouts & holistic fitness membership.

FOR women over 50. Workouts that won’t wreck you!

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

“….this program is ideal for women who aren’t beginners…..your combo of weights and yoga is an absolute winner…and the balance challenges are critical for older women…. I can see my body has changed, especially upper body and leg endurance…this is the best $ I’ve spent on exercise support…the workouts are fun, varied and challenging….”


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