In my 40’s I used to get trained by a guy who trained acrobats.  He had me doing some crazy stuff.  And a lot of it involved jumping from various unstable surfaces to other various unstable surfaces!

I loved it.  Until I didn’t.  Images of me crashing to the ground and being unable to train at all…made me stop.

I continued with my (junior) version of plyometric jumps.  Jumping onto steps and various sized boxes in my workout routines.  UNTIL I rolled my ankle.

My right foot has never been the same since!  In fact the right side of my body has never been quite the same.

But I’ve learned to adapt.

I loved doing those jumps.  Effective way of training in a short amount of time.  BUT no good for my joints anymore.

BUT you can still get your heart rate up.  And your body sweating with low impact moves.

So if you’re short on low impact cardio ideas…check this one out…

Squat 3 Way DB Lift – Low Impact Cardio

This is a short snippet from one of my workout videos.  Choose a weight for your current strength.

Training Tips:

  • Feet wide.  Toes turned out.
  • Knees tracking in line with your second toe.
  • Sit your butt back.
  • As you lift the DB – have the feeling you’re depressing your shoulders down.  You don’t want your shoulders up around your neck!
  • Come up high on your opposite toe when you do the side to side movement.
  • 10 x front/10 x side to side.
  • Repeat 2-4 x throughout your workout.

Check out my Instagram feed here CoreStrength50plus for more low impact cardio ideas.

In your 50’s?  Don’t give up or give in!

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