I’m not a lover of pushups.  But I do them because they give you great upper body definition and make you feel strong!

Plus it’s a big boost for your strength AND confidence to be able to push (part of) your own body weight.

I’ve been doing them in a variety of ways for years.  But some days I still find them damn hard!

I go with the less is more approach.  The thought of endless repetitions puts me off doing them!  So I try and ‘tighten’ it up with less reps but make it more challenging.

10 sec hold halfway down.  Tried this?  If not add it into your next workout. 


  1. Do 5 pushups.
  2. Then drop halfway down (elbows in line with shoulders) and hold in this position for 10 secs.
  3. Don’t hold your breath!  And keep looking straight down.
  4. After your hold – GO ALL THE WAY DOWN – then push back up.
  5. Go straight into another 5 pushups.

Your arm and chest muscles will tell you – you’ve worked!

Training Tip:

Always make sure your chest is in line with your hands when you come down into your pushup.  NOT your head in line with your hands.

Happy pushing!

Don’t give up or give in!

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