I have a love/hate relationship with them.  Some days they feel HARD!   BUT I LOVE how they firm-up your upper body and how STRONG they make you feel.

If you do full body pushups with great form – stick with them.  But if you’ve got dubious form – you’re going to end up with a niggling injury if your –

  1. Hands are in the wrong position…
  2. Neck is jutting out at an awkward angle…
  3. Body is sagging as you come down…
  4. OR you’re sinking into your shoulder blades…

Take a video of yourself doing full body pushups and check your form!

Up the ante with knee pushups by lifting one leg off the ground.  See training tips below.


    • Hips directly over your knees and shoulders over your wrists.
    • Knees hip width apart.
    • Take your hands forward of your shoulders and  slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
    • Turn your hands in slightly (so your fingertips are pointing slightly inwards).  This helps target your triceps.
    • Lengthen your body.  So your chest  is in line with your hands
    • Look diagonally ahead at the ground.
    • Move your right leg into the midline of your body and lift your left leg up.
    • As you go down in your pushup – have the feeling you’re gently pulling the floor apart between your hands. This helps to widen your shoulder blades.  So you DON’T sink into your chest.  This stops you aggravating your neck.
    • Chest in line with your hands as you come down.  NOT head in line with hands.  IMPORTANT.

    Do 6-8 with each leg lifted AND repeat a couple of times throughout your workout. You’ll FEEL your chest muscles the next day!

    Focus on your form first!  Speed, strength and flexibility will come with time!

    Happy pushing!

    Don’t give up or give in!

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