Got 20 minutes a day to spare?

It doesn’t sound like much time out of your 12 hour day does it?

And that word ‘time’ comes up a lot when people are thinking about exercising –

“I’m soooo busy.  I’ve no time to workout….”

But you actually DO. You may not WANT to do it – but you DO have enough time!!

Your Tricky Brain…

Your brains job is to protect you from doing things you don’t want to do. So it’ll come up with all the excuses under the sun.

None of them are usually valid.   And the more you allow yourself to think them …..the more you convince yourself that “NO, I’ve really no time to workout”.

But You DO Have Time…

Everyone does! It’s about being pro-active, positive, writing it down and getting into a routine.

The first step is to stop thinking of the reasons why you DON’T have time.  And instead – write down your action plan for making time in your day to train.

Grab Your Notebook…….

There’s power in the pen and paper!

Writing things down is a powerful way of remembering things and makes you accountable.

Forget the I CAN’T – replace it with I WILL.

For Example:

  • I WILL get up at 6.30am to do my workout at 7am.
  • I WILL eat my breakfast at work instead of at home so I have the time to workout.
  • I WILL set up my training gear the night before so it’s all ready to go in the morning.
  • I WILL organise to start work later on these days so I can train.

Get Brutal

Look at your day and get brutal with what’s really more important.  Is the health and well being of your body and mind MORE important than the list of ‘to do’ things, you have in your diary?

Say ‘YES’

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