The last time my body balance was truely challenged was several years ago.  On a 3 day zip-lining adventure on the Bolivian Plateau in Laos.

It was my husband and I and two other young girls from Europe.

My husband swore to me afterwards that if those 2 girls weren’t there…he would have flat out refused to do some of the things we did on those 3 days!  But his male ego wouldn’t let him bow out.  “If those girls are doing it.  I’m doing it!”

In all fairness though, our Laos guides spent a big chunk of the time drunk or hungover on Laos whiskey.  ‘Health & safety’ wasn’t a big priority zip-lining on the Bolivian Plateau!

Walking across raging rivers on a heavily swaying ‘swing bridge’.  With a loaded back pack.  Had every muscle in my core working!  And my balance challenged.

My motto for the 3 days was “Don’t look down, don’t look down!”

You’ve got to include single arm or leg work in your exercise routine.  It  shows you the weakness in either side of your body.  And makes your core muscles switch on. Which is crucial to having good balance.

Got good body balance?

Check out this exercise below.  It’s simple but effective for checking your body balance…Single Arm DB Squat Release

Get yourself in front of a mirror.  You need to see if your body is tipping to one side.  If it is – you can easily adjust if you have a mirror as your guide.

Training Tips:

  • Start feet hip width apart.
  • Holding 1 DB in your right hand.   4kg, 5kg, 6kg or 7kg etc – depending on your current strength.
  • Follow the cues in the video.
  • Check that your knees aren’t dropping in.  If they are – put a pilates ball between your knees.
  • Repeat 10-12x.  Do the other arm.
  • Then do twice throughout your workout.

Don’t give up or give in!

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