Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Move It or Lose It!

Keep Moving And Avoid Christmas Weight Gain!

It’s easy to lose all the hard ‘body’ work you’ve done when you stop moving! And it’s a lot harder to get it back!

My 82 year old Dad passed away this year. He played hard and worked hard! He had a full life of travel, adventures and business. BUT –

  • He never exercised
  • He ate what he liked
  • And drank what he liked!

He’s probably up there now, watching me writing this with a whiskey in his hand! Sorry Dad, love you, but it’s the truth!

My 82 year old Mother has more energy than me! She has a big house and a 5 acre garden she looks after and maintains on her own AND still goes to the gym 3-4 x per week!

  • She’s always exercised
  • She’s always watched what she ate
  • And she stopped drinking and started running marathons at 40!

Hmmmm I’m not an advocate for the stopping drinking part but………….

What A Difference It Makes!

My parents are a shining example of the difference it makes in your life if you keep moving and respecting your body.

It’s no fun watching a parent suffer and it sucks to watch your other parent suffer, having to be the carer.

What a difference it makes to how you live your life in the next 30-40 years if you stay strong, fit and healthy.

This Is The Party Month…

I bring this up because this is the month where you’ll be inundated with invites to parties, work-dos and family get-togethers.

And I get it, once you get in the party mode and start drinking more than usual AND eating lots of yummy rich food – the thought of exercising takes a back seat.

BUT – You’ve Got To Keep Moving To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy – guilt free this Christmas period BUT – Move Your Butt!

Don’t Stop Your Workouts

Make a non-negotiable written declaration to yourself (there’s power in the pen and paper) that you’re going to enjoy yourself BUT you’re going to keep your butt moving AND stick to your training routine!

Write your training days and routine down over the next month or so. Whack it on your fridge and stick to it.

You’re not trying to lose weight through this Christmas period BUT you’re aiming to MAINTAIN and avoid Christmas Weight Gain.

You’re Going To Feel So Good!

Imagine how good you’re going to feel when you start the New Year knowing you don’t have any EXTRA Christmas weight to lose!

What a cool way to start the new year!

Get Your Plan Together

  • So work out your Training Calendar plan.
  • Write it up.
  • And stick it on your fridge.

Tips For Getting It Done

  • If you’ve got a function to go to at night – make sure you work out that morning.
  • The next morning if you’re feeling a bit seedy – just go for a walk.
  • If you’re low on energy – don’t skip your routine but do a 10 minute workout instead.
  • If you’re really low on energy – do a stretch session.
  • If you know you’re going to be really overindulging, make sure you get a couple of good cardio workouts in that week.
  • Eat protein only for breakfast if you know you’ve got a big night of indulging ahead.

Enjoy this pre Christmas period BUT keep Moving Your Butt!


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