What’s your 50 plus body NEED?

You’ve GOT to get your body strong. It’s a BIG confidence booster…..

  • You need toned muscles to support your spine. Kiss those endless visits to Physiotherapists and Chiropractors goodbye.
  • Your posture WILL change when you build and tone your muscles. Goodbye to slouching!
  • AND you need those toned muscles to support your joints. Goodbye aches and pains!
  • Yes…..and to boost your metabolism.
  • The more muscle you have on your body the faster your metabolism will be which equals – the leaner you’ll be!
  • But you need flexibility too.  Strength without flexibility will set you up for all sorts of joint and muscle issues. Flexibility and Strength – the two go hand in hand

What DOESN’T your 50 plus body need?

  • Fixating on the scales – the weight is meaningless if your body feels weak.
  • Training harder or longer is not the answer in this age bracket. It leaves you feeling sore and tired. Train Smarter NOT Harder or Longer.
  • Stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself to 10 years ago. Get a training plan happening and don’t give up! You’ve got to be consistent to see changes.

What should you be eating to get your muscles toned & lean?

  • Clean it up! Get the processed food out of your life.
  • You simply ARE what you eat.
  • Fuel your body with crap and hey unfortunately you’ll end up looking and feeling like crap. Harsh but true!

Your muscles don’t like crap but your body fat does!

It’s Confusing!

I totally get though why the nutrition question is confusing. There’s just so much conflicting information out there.   And many people just don’t move enough to warrant all the high carbohydrate foods they eat.

Kiss The Word ‘Diet’ Goodbye!

Yeah….. you’ll probably lose weight.   But the minute you go off your regulated diet or meal plan…..you’ll put it back on.  Plus more.

No one can stick to a meal plan or diet for life!

Instead..tweak your eating!

Get The 80/20 Rule Into Your Life

Adopt an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the week, eat clean, organic, whole, life giving, unprocessed foods. 20% of your week – treat yourself guilt-free to your favourite foods. AND keep working out!

Intermittent Fasting

This is brilliant for women in this age bracket.

  • You’re aiming for 15-16 hours of the day where you’re not eating.
  • You can play around with the start and finish time here so it suits your lifestyle.
  • Finish eating your dinner BEFORE 7pm at night (or whatever time works for you).
  • Wait 15.5 – 16 hours before you eat breakfast.
  • You can drink water during that time and black coffee if it suits you.
  • Do this 4-5 x per week.
  • Simple, easy.  Doesn’t cost you anything.  Or involve any expensive powders and pills!

Want workouts for women in their 50’s plus?

20 Minute Body Changing Video Workouts.  Using the very best of……

  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Low Impact Cardio Moves

All in a 20 minute online video workout (plus your pre and post workout stretching time).  CoreStrength50plus Programs

Workouts to challenge your……

  • Core Strength – your ‘core’ is the trunk of your body. Make it strong and flexible and you’ll see big changes in your strength. And the way you move and feel.
  • Flexibility – want to touch your toes? This’ll get you on your way.
  • Muscle Strength – are you ‘over’ feeling weak in your body? Feeling strong is a BIG confidence booster.
  • Balance – avoid slipping and protect your joints by working on the muscles that keep you balanced!
  • Cardio  – get your heart-rate going with 20 minute workouts.  To boost your metabolism AND burn body fat.
  • …….And most importantly….rest your body and mind with a Yoga Savasana at the end.

You’ll be hooked once you give this training style a go!

Feel like you don’t have time to train?  20 minute workouts are your answer.

The workouts are sequenced in 10 minute rounds so if you’re pressed for time, you still get a great workout in 10 minutes.

Not a fan of working out at home?  The beauty with an online Video Home Workout Program is you can make it your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.

  • Pressed for time to drive to the gym – workout at home.
  • Bored with your current routine – you WON’T get bored with these 20 minute powerhouse workouts.
  • Worried about the motivation factor? Weekly encouragement emails will keep you on track.

Drop me a line if you have any questions – I love to talk Health & Fitness!

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