My husband thinks I’m getting taller.  Obviously not.  Or I’d be a freak of nature.

His training is all about heavy, heavy weights.  Which works brilliantly for him.  But that overload of muscle does tend to ‘compress’ your body.

My training is about keeping the muscle tone on your body BUT continually working on lengthening your muscles, as you’re strengthening them.  That lengthening work is ESSENTIAL in this age bracket. Particularly through your spine.

Everything shortens and tightens as you age

So the more work you can do on keeping your muscles lengthened, the easier you’ll move and the less you’ll ache.

So yes…do your heavier weight work.  It’s essential too.  But make sure you’ve got some twisting movements going on in your routines.

Twisting exercises strengthen the muscles that support your spine

And keep your ab muscles and back muscles flexible, lengthened and fluid!

Add this one into your routine….pilates ball up and twist….


      • Pop a Pilates Ball semi-under your butt to support your lower back.  (If your lower back starts to hurt when you’re doing this exercise – bend your knees).
      • Chin down as you coil back.
      • Arms straight and strong and level with shoulders.  (You can do this exercise with 2 x 1-1.5 kilo weights OR without weights).
      • Come up and look & twist to the right.
      • Elbow up level with your shoulder as you come up.
      • Drop back, chin down.
      • Then up and look & twist to the left.
      • Elbow up level with your shoulder as you come up.

      Repeat 8-12 on each side.  Happy twisting!

      Or for more of a challenge, try this one…

      FitBall Twist


          1. Feet hip width apart.  Big step back with your left foot.
          2. Right knee is directly over your right ankle.
          3. Lift your body up,
          4. Holding the ball…lift your arms level with shoulders.  Keep them straight and strong.
          5. Breathe in.  Breathe out and twist to the right.
          6. Back to centre.
          7. Breathe in.  Breathe out and twist to the left.
          8. Back to centre.
          9. Breathe in time to your twists.
          10. Watch your front knee.  Keep it tracking in line with your second toe as you twist.
          11. Aim for 5-8 each side.
          12. Then swap legs.

          TIP:  Holding the ball can be challenging.  But you can still do this without it.  Hold a band (taut) or even a broom handle.  But keep an eye on your front knee!  Make the twist come from your waist.

          This is a ‘Balance AND Twist’ challenge!  Get yourself in front of a mirror for this one so you can keep an eye on your front knee.  You don’t want it wobbling all over the place!

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