When I was 35 I came out of a 12 year relationship.  It should have ended at 10 years.  But like most relationships you drag them on to the bitter end!  Out of habit.   And hoping for a miracle.

It was the right thing to do.   But I was lost.  Didn’t know what I wanted in life.  And had zero self confidence in being able to look after myself financially.

I drifted along for several months on a poor me pity fest!  Shovelling food in.  Knocking back way too much vino.  Bloating up in all the wrong places.  Felt like shit.  Couldn’t see a clear path.

After enduring hours of my moaning about how I looked and felt – my darling friend said “Get a Personal Trainer.  You love exercising.  You just need some motivation and direction!”

And even though it pushed me financially.  I did it.  I drove a one hour round trip 3 x per week to be trained.  I stuck to everything he told me to do outside of our sessions.  I put the work in.  And I felt amazing!

I felt so good that I ended up in a short-term relationship with my young Personal Trainer.  He turned out to be a complete nut job, psychopath!  But that’s another story…..

And on a positive note….not long after I became a Master Personal Trainer myself!

Stop Making Excuses…..

People who are fit strong and lean…aren’t lucky.   They do the work.   And if you’re not prepared to do the work…stop dreaming of how you looked in the past.  Or beating yourself up about the way you look and feel now.  It’s wasted energy.  Either do the work.  Or accept where you’re at.  And be content with it.

And yeah genetics play a part.  If you’re blessed with good genes you may not have to work as hard as someone else with dubious genes.  But you still have to do the work.  Just at a different level.

I have English genes!  The genes where everything you eat goes straight to your butt and belly!  In my 20s’ my friends and I were lolling around, eating, drinking, partying and enjoying life.  But I still had to drag myself up in the morning and train.  If I wanted to keep the ‘pear’ shape at bay!

The longer you’ve been training….

  • The fitter you become.  You’ve developed habits.  Consistent habits.  Those habits and consistency make it easier to keep your body strong, fit and lean.  So develop the consistency first!
  • You develop muscle memory.  Stopped training for awhile?  Then came back to it.  Your body/muscles remember.  And will pick up pretty quickly to get you back to where you left off.

Muscle memory is a neurological process.  It allows your body to remember certain skills.  So you can perform them without conscious effort.  This ‘memory’ can last forever!

Want to avoid spending the last part of your life on this planet achy, sore and debilitated?

AND reliant on pain numbing prescription drugs?  Stop making excuses.  Get off your butt and move!

Some days in a gentle way. Some days in a heart and muscle challenging way.  Get the balance right and you’ll get a body that’s going to serve you beautifully as you age.

And it doesn’t mean you’ll miraculously have no problems with your body over the next 30-40 years.  You will.  We all will.  It’s part of the ageing process.  But if you’re strong physically and mentally.  You can deal with it.

There’s not one style of training that’s right for everyone!

Not everyones going to love my programs.  And that’s ok.  There’s plenty of other styles of training out there to try.  But the worse thing you can do is nothing!

And if what you try doesn’t work out. It’s NOT wasted time.  Your body learns something from everything you challenge it with.  It’s the beautiful effect of muscle memory.

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