I had a bit of a hair disaster in 2023.  I’d been 3 years with no hair dye and was STILL waiting for the gorgeous head of silver grey locks to appear!

So my hairdresser insisted she could turn me grey…no problem!  Hmmmmm.

I insisted we do a test patch first.  We did it at the back underneath my top layer of hair (thank god).  It didn’t take.  So she said come back next week I’ll use a different product.  No problems she said!  Did 2 more test patches.   Didn’t take.  And all of them went a shitty shade of blonde after I washed my hair!  Not a good look when my hair was up in a bun!  Which is 24/7 here in the steamy tropics.

In desperation, off I went to a colour expert who told me my hair was too dark.  He could turn it grey but after 3 washes it would start to go blonde again and I’d have to come back monthly to have it re-dyed. Which would ruin my hair and turn it to mush in a very short time!  Who knew grey could be so difficult!

So we did a patch over job to cover the shitty blonde disaster and I’m back to dreaming of silver grey locks.  And avoiding over-analysing my hair in the mirror too much!

If you’ve been avoiding doing pushups……not only because you openly hate them…but also because they hurt your wrists and hands…..this training tool can give you a helping hand…

Rotating Pushup Bars….

These bars take the pressure off your wrists by enabling you to keep your wrists and forearms in a reasonably straight line.

Also the rotating factor in this tool allows your hands to get into the right position for you.

I highly recommend them.  They’re low cost and may just re-ignite some love…or like or tolerance….for adding muscle toning pushups back into your routine.

You can buy pushup bars online.  Via Amazon or maybe another fitness site in your country.  Just google – Rotating Pushup Bars.

Want to up the ante with your pushups? Without doing full body ones….check out the Single Knee Pushup demo here….

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