If you feel like something went wrong in the body design department and your smaller upper body doesn’t always match your curvy lower body…I hear ya!

I’m a dead-set English pear shape!  BUT I’ve managed to train my body to look less like a pear over the years by using some pear-shaped body exercise techniques.

With this body type you need to lift heavier weights on your upper body

WITH a combo of high rep lighter weights thrown in.  This balances the appearance of your upper and lower body out.

However….you need to lift them while moving your body in heart-rate raising, interval style training bursts.  Yeah you need to sweat!

Interval style training is brilliant for getting the body fat off your butt, belly and thighs.  Particularly in this age bracket.  BUT if you go too hard over 50 with this type of training style…you’ll end up just feeling wrecked.

It’s all about the way the exercises are sequenced and performed.  And the training techniques used, to get the same effect…..without wrecking you.

Moving your body with dynamic movements, while doing heavier weights and lighter weights – is YOUR friend!  Not everyday of course.  Mix this style of training in with body-weight work and yoga-style workouts.

The addition of heavier weight and lighter pulsing weight work will give you shape in your muscles. AND moving your body dynamically at the same time, will get that sneaky layer of fat off the bottom half.  So your muscles can make an appearance!

You need muscle tone on your body, not only to protect your joints

But the more muscle you have….the faster your metabolism will be.  Which equals burning up more body fat.  A win/win!

However…if you only do heavier weights with this pear shaped body….and don’t address losing that extra layer.…..you can end up not seeing the muscle definition for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Interval train 2-3 x per week

No more than 3 though.  You don’t want to burn up and deplete your beautiful energy!

On your non-interval training days….focus on progressively lifting heavier weights (to your capabilities) when doing your upper body work.  Put the weights up and do less reps if you have to.

The heavier weights targeting shoulders, back, biceps and triceps…. give you the shape, definition and tone in your upper body.  Which counter balances your lower body.  Say adios to the pear!

And in this age bracket…put an equal amount of time into your  flexibility, balance AND making the ‘core’ of your body strong. There’s no point looking amazing but having a weak core and feeling stiff all the time!  It’ll only lead to more and more niggling injuries.

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