Unless you’re some sort of Guru…..you’re probably not going to be Mz Calm & Serene 24/7.  Especially not in this crazy world we live in. 

Get the ZEN back in your day!

But it is possible to let (nearly all) of the small or big irritating stuff wash over you…with some daily mind-chilling habits!

Here’s 12 of them…

1.  Exercise Daily…

The BEST ‘how to de-stress’ buster there is! You ALWAYS feel calmer and more centred after a heart-raising workout.  OR…..a body-lengthening stretch sequence.

Frustrated and annoyed? Sweating the small stuff? Do a workout. I guarantee you’ll look at things differently afterwards.

2.  Meditate…

You can’t beat it for giving you a calmer and more positive outlook on life. Whether you do 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

3.  Accept that life is NOT always perfect…

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

I have a thing I say to myself when shitty things happen…“Is this situation going to kill me OR am I going to become homeless from it?” It may sound silly but the answer so far is no! It’s a quick way for me to get things in perspective in my mind!

Find a ‘trigger question’ you can use for yourself to get things in perspective.

4.  STOP!  Before you react to a crappy situation…

Take a few breaths and put yourself in the other persons shoes (IF there’s another person involved).  Step back and think logically about a situation before you respond.

NEVER answer an email or phone call in anger. Give yourself a couple of days OR weeks!  It’s never as ‘dramatically doomsday’ when you give it time to settle!

In the past if someone has angered me, I’ve written an email voicing how I feel…with NO intention of sending it.  Getting it down on paper is cathartic.  It gets it out of your system (somewhat) and stops you going over and over and over it in your mind.

Then a few days later I’ll go back and re-read it.  And I usually think “Ooooh that’s a bit harsh Elaine!!”  Then I tweak the email and soften it (with NO intention of sending it).  Then I’ll do it again maybe a week later.

And by that time I’m generally over it.  And end up deleting it and moving on.  I’ve actually only sent an email once.  And that time it needed sending!

5.  Avoid stimulants when you’re stressed….

In a stressful situation? Avoid stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and alcohol. They overwork your hyped up nervous system.

You’ll end up turning something you could handle calmly into something bigger than ‘Ben Hur’!

6.  BREATHE!  Stop and focus on your breath…

It only takes a few minutes in your day.

  • Breathe in to the count of 4 or 6. Imagine the breath coming from the top of your shoulders.
  • As you breathe in, feel your ribcage expanding from left to right and front to back.
  • Take the breath all the way down to your pelvis (don’t just stop at your belly).
  • And breathe out. To the count of 4 or 6. Long and slow.
  • Repeat 4-5 x to calm your system down.

7.  Stretch….

Stretch every day! To release the tension in your muscles.  If you can’t face a workout, do a 10-20 minute stretch routine (playing your favourite relaxing music).

Your mind will feel calmer. Your body will feel longer and lighter.

8.  Indulge yourself…

Indulge in weekly or monthly pampering.  It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity when you train!

Get into a habit of having a deep tissue massage, reflexology or something else you love. To re-align and release the tension in your body.

9.  Listen…don’t interrupt…

When someone speaks to you….listen fully. Without interrupting. And without thinking about what you’re going to say next!

This can be tough when you’re excited by a conversation. But it’s a good practice to get into.

It helps you see and feel someone else’s point of view. And avoids those draining feelings of agitation and frustration when both parties are constantly interrupting or talking over each other!

10.  Don’t reach for the phone as soon as you wake up…

Remember the days of ‘no mobile phones’?  And writing letters to stay in touch?  And not expecting a reply for 6 weeks.   I can’t remember…but we must have been much more relaxed and accepting of time!!

It CAN wait! Whatever’s on that screen is NOT important. What is…..is getting yourself in a positive mindset for the day.

Enjoy your morning routine. Before bombarding yourself with messages and news that leaves you feeling on edge.

11.  Wind down at night….

Light candles, get some essential oils burning and play your favourite music at night.

It’s amazing what an effect candle light and a relaxing scent can have on calming your mood.

And I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but….turn off your phone and computer at least 1.5 hours before you go to bed.

Read a juicy book instead!

12.  And BREATHE….

Yeah…..the breath gets a second mention here!  When you feel stressed and agitated – always check your breathing.

9 times out of 10 you’ll be shallow breathing. So take a moment to get back on track. It’s a few minutes out of your day to easily calm your system down.

4-5 long, deep slow breaths!

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