Don’t mess with my exercise routine!

Sound like you?

When I was a kid I had a pre-school early-morning exercise routine. I followed it religiously.  Yeah I was a bit full-on for a kid!

I’d get up about 5.30am/6am and go for a run. Then come back and walk up and down the carpeted hallway on my butt.

Anyone remember that exercise? Was supposed to be good for perky glute muscles!

I tried it last year but it aggravated my arthritic hip!

Do you have an early morning ritual?

A set routine you follow every morning before you start your day?

NOT a routine person?  Just tend to ‘wing’ things?……If you want to make changes to your body – it’s NOT going to happen!

You’ve got to HAVE a routine to follow.

To make your body the best and strongest it can be – it’s ALL about consistency.

You have to repeat, repeat, repeat! Not the same exercises but the same, set routine of commitment.

Having An Early Morning Routine…..

  • Sets you up mentally AND physically for whatever the day throws at you.
  • It’s a time to clear your head and get calm and centred.
  • Including exercise as part of your morning ritual CHANGES the way you handle your day!

A Morning Exercise Routine –

  • Get’s your endorphins pumping and takes you from stressed-out to chilled-out!
  • Stretches out your stiff muscles. Stops you feeling drained and achy.  AND dragging yourself through the day.
  • Boosts your heart-rate and gets oxygen pumping into your lungs. You’re instantly chilled out!
  • Sweating – it feels GOOD! And like you’ve achieved something major.
  • Knowing you’ve completed your workout for the day.  And you don’t have to come home from work and do it.  Is GOLD!

Happy OR Shitty!

I guarantee if you wake up feeling shitty and tired BUT commit to your workout, you’ll FEEL like a different woman.

What Do I Do?

My routine generally goes something like this……

  • Tongue scraping and oil pulling! (Ewwww you might say – but it works for me!) Give them a go!
  • Start drinking my 1 litre of water before breakfast.
  • Cup of hot ginger water with my hubby and a chit-chat about life!
  • Stretching and a 20 minute workout PLUS more stretching.
  • 32 minute meditation. Don’t ask me why it’s 32 minutes but I’ve been hooked on that number for years now!
  • Brekkie.

I stick to this for 3 days – then I deviate off it for 1 day, then do it again for the next 3 days.

It keeps things interesting!

You might want to break your early morning routine –

  • Like me every 3 days.
  • On the weekends.
  • Or when you travel.

The idea is NOT to get bored!

If you’re not bored you’ll WANT to workout.

But the rest of the time, get yourself into a non-negotiable routine.

Don’t let anyone mess with it!

AND don’t apologise for it!  My hubby knows not to bother me if the bedroom doors locked.  I’m meditating!

It’s the difference between me being a chilled out, together woman or an irritated ‘rrrrrrrr’ woman!

Need to get an exercise routine happening?  OR want to spice up the one you’ve got?

Grab Tight & Toned In 20 Home Workout Program.  Designed by a woman in her 50’s FOR women in their 50’s plus.

If you don’t have it……get it here…….

If you have it…..get your mat out and revisit it!