Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

The way you’ve been working out just not cutting it anymore?

Hit an exercise plateau?


Get a New way of working out in your 50’s!

Tight & Toned in 20 – 8 week program 

with lifetime access!

20 minute challenging holistic home workouts for women

Get Toned Muscles

Abs You Can Feel!

Stand Tall Posture

& A Perky Butt!

So you’re made to believe you hit menopause and it’s all downhill from here!

It’s not!


Noticing you need to workout harder now, to get the same results?

You don’t!

  You can nail it in a 20 minute workout.

It’s all about how the exercises are sequenced and performed.

  And the consistency!

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally…

It comes from what you do consistently!


“…I’d recommend this program to women in their 50’s…..it’s quick and simple but gets results and makes me feel physically and mentally stronger…the entire workout pushed my limits and left me just the right amount of exhausted and sore the next day.….the length is perfect for me to easily fit in to my busy life…..there’s not unnecessary conversation or carry on……just your loveliness and the workout….”

Phillipa Cullen


Busy professional?  With little time?  First thing to go in your day is exercise?  Tired of beating yourself up about it?

Hit a Brick wall with your training?  procrastinating getting your mat out cause you’re bored with your workouts?

been pushing yourself with tough workouts and ending up tired & sore?

Does staying fit seem to be getting harder and harder?

And can’t figure out why?

Get some ease in your life with a PLAN for your over 50 body.

No more injuring yourself with the wrong exercises.  Or feeling fed up with the lack of results for all your hard effort.

You’ve probably got another 30-40 years on this planet.  Now’s not the time to give up.  Or to be sorting your way through the overload of endless changing advice out there.

This age bracket can throw a LOT of curve balls at you!  Trust me I know!  But you can’t keep beating yourself up about the way you look and feel.

Or thinking it’s a downhill slope…just because none of your old exercise and eating tricks are working anymore.

It’s depressing and toxic for your mind.  And will impact your relationships and health.

Your 50’s is the time to put yourself first!

It’s not selfish.  It’s practical!  The more at peace you are…..everyone around you gets to benefit!

Tight and Toned in 20

Get strong, flexible ab muscles so you can bend and twist with ease!


a strong back with stand-tall posture. Kiss the 'slouch' goodbye!


Get your butt muscles fired up and working. Perky butt here you come!


Supercharge your fitness levels. No more huffing and puffing up the stairs!


challenge yourself with different moves so you stop dreading your workouts!

What if you didn’t have to put up with the crappy parts of menopause…


muscle tone doing a disappearing act!


‘where did that come from’ belly fat!


flat butt blues!


stiff & Achy and can't figure out why!


dragging yourself through the day WITH ZERO ENERGY!

It’s a confidence-killer!

You can CHANGE your BODY at any age!


“…Your program has been life changing for me….. I love the video presentation, your explanation of how to do it, and showing us the correct form….. I was unsure how to proceed to keep fit….my hubby’s exercise regime is not suited to me and I love that I have my own now…..I’m much stronger…”

  Claire C.

Been training awhile?  Ready for a ‘new’ way of working out?

Tight & Toned In 20 is for you!

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

20 minute video workouts at the click of a button!

Home Workouts For Women – Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Muscles!

8 weeks of guided training with…..

Lifetime access and fully downloadale!

Your time on this planet is precious.

How you feel matters. You have nothing to lose…and a strong confident body & mind to gain!

US $249

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”…Just did your week 7 first workout with heavy dumbbells and body strength!  It was a challenge!…..But I really enjoyed it……I like a challenge!….I’m loving this entire combo….the flexibility suits my life and your classes are clear and challenging.  Thanks for such a great program…..”

  Shelley Cooper…….Instagram @brisasdelcabo

Some of the moves in Tight & Toned In 20…..

What you get…

A unique training style for women in their 50’s

20 minute downloadable video workouts.  Designed in 10 minute rounds.

  Don’t have time?  Just do 10 minutes.  It’s all about consistency!

Using the best of……

Yoga…..get touch your toes flexibility and deepen your breath

Power Yoga with weights….body toning & sculpting at its best

Pilates…..structured and precise for slouch-free posture.

Barre….targeted muscle work to fire-up your muscles and protect your joints.

Functional Strength training….db weights work to make your body strong.

and low impact cardio moves….to protect your joints and burn body fat!


“…my ‘body weight’ strength wasn’t where it should be….I was also a little demotivated with exercise…I was struggling to find the right mix of things to suit my needs…..the combination of functional exercises has been perfect for me!….I feel far more motivated and empowered that I can’t only maintain but continue to build on my overall fitness in a way that suits my lifestyle…..and not having to spend hours at the gym….thanks again for this program I’m really enjoying it.….”

  Sharon A.

Dynamic Workout Videos

You’ll never be bored with these 20 minute video workouts for women. They fire up the muscles in your abs, combat loss of muscle tone, tackle belly fat and energise your fitness levels!

two training calendar options

So you know what to do and when to do it. No more guess work!  Need more of a challenge?  Try the other option!

Weekly encouragement emails

Motivation an issue?  These keep you on track and get you on your mat!

weekly holistic training tips & body boosting habits

In video AND printable. These work! Layer them into your life and you’ll see your body and motivation levels take-off.


Motivation Mojo Booster Videos

Put these 3 into play and the on-again/off-again cycle of exercising will be a thing of the past!

Clean Up Your Eating!

Confused by what you should be eating?  You’re not alone!  Get the crap out of your cupboards!  And give this style of eating a go.  It’s proven for women in this age bracket. 

Ask Me Any Training Questions! 

I’m a Master Personal Trainer of 20 years.  I’m here to help.  And you will be talking to me.  Not a team member!

Bonus Workouts

Nothing beats having a library of workouts to choose from.  To keep you challenged and stop the boredom setting in! 

You don’t have to…


commit to a pricey gym membership - get bored, stop going but keep paying your monthly instalments - just in case you change your mind!


Spend an hour working out. who has the time!


Sit in traffic for 20-30 minutes. getting to your class stressed and annoyed!


Buy lots of expensive equipment that ends up shoved in the corner of your garage!


Worry about what you’re wearing! no-ones going to see you!

Get trained by a Master Personal Trainer without the hefty price tag!

US $249

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“…..I loved everything about the programme it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped my confidence and to get my mind and body back to a better place after struggling with many menopause symptoms…..”



….I absolutely love your workouts and your no fuss approach.  I turned 60 this year, have been a gym junkie most of my life……I honestly say I don’t think I want to go back to the gym as your workouts challenge me…..”

Carolyn M.


“….I actually haven’t been to the gym since starting your program but feel that I’m getting better results! I don’t get the soreness and inflammation of joints and muscles that I previously struggled with…….I plan to start your program again as I loved it so much and it fits into my time schedule….”

Alison V.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

100% Money Back Guarantee.  Stick to the Training Calendar.  And do the workouts!  Don’t see or feel a change in your body and mind?  I’ll refund your money.  One month from the date of purchase ONLY.  No refunds after one month.

How it Works…

Step One >

Choose your program. Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Two >

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step Three >

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your computer as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Do I Have To Workout For?

20 minutes is all it takes. Workouts designed in 2 x 10 minute rounds, so if you’re pressed for time, you can still get a great 10 minute workout!

Plus of course your Pre & Post Workout Stretching time. In video AND printable – so it’s super easy to follow.

What If I Can’t Do Some Of The Exercises?

Each workout has exercise modifications for those trickier exercises! I want to get your muscle tone shining through but also protect your joints!

What If My Problem Is Motivation?

Your success in exercising is ALL about your mindset.

  • You get weekly encouragement emails from me.
  • Plus your Bonus Holistic Core Strengthening Ebook is full of mindset techniques for you to start with……
  • AND your Bonus Motivation Mojo Booster Videos are GOLD!
Can I Keep It?

Fully downloadable to your hard-drive. All the video workouts and holistic information are yours to keep!

Sounds like a lot! Am I going to be overloaded with information?
My aim is to NOT overwhelm you!  But get you lovin’ exercising!

Your first week is a Pre-Training Week where you have time to get organised before you start your workouts.

All the program information is given out to you week-by-week so you’ve time to take it in and put it into practice.

What does 'Life-Time' access mean?

Life-time access means for the life of the program.  Not your life or my life!

However, if at some stage in the distant, distant future I decide to no longer continue with any of these programs…..you’ll be given plenty of time to download all the program material.