A male massage therapist once said to me  “Wow…little feet for THOSE legs!”  Hmmmmm…thanks mate!  Way to make me feel uncomfortable – when I’m half naked!

Did I go back to him?  Yes!  He was brilliant at what he did.  But it’s stuck in my mind for years!

Yes maybe my feet are little for my legs – but I think they’re pretty cute!  AND they do a tough job lugging me around everywhere.

Your hard-working feet!

Do you spend time each week taking care of your feet?  You’re probably not alone if you’ve said…….Ummmm no!  But your hard-working feet do a BIG job everyday……with not much rest time!

  • Crammed into fabulous heels during the day.
  • Pushed into spongy training shoes.  Where they get to sweat and work.
  • Then home to questionably fitted slippers or slip-ons!

If you’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing reflexology session……you’ll understand how incredible you feel mentally and physically afterwards. There’s a lot to work on in those feet of yours –

  • 28 bones
  • 30 joints
  • AND 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments

All those bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments in your foot work together to improve your posture & balance AND to help get you from A to B!

Ditch the trainers & start training barefoot!

I spent 4 years trialling out different orthotics and spending way too much money on the latest gotta-have training shoes.  Trying to ease my achy feet!

Was it the years of tottering around in stilettos in my 20’s?  OR the jumping and running I’d done over the years in my training sessions?  Who knows – they hurt and no-one could fix them.

Until I read an article on training barefoot and started ditching the shoes around the house.  AND when I worked out.

Wow – what a difference!

Why train barefoot?

Shoes give you ankle stability.  AND comfort and support when you’re running or walking.

BUT constantly immobilising your foot and ankle in a shoe, restricts the NATURAL movement of your foot.

Which means certain muscles weaken….leading to muscle imbalances and niggling injuries.

  • Be barefoot as much as you can each day.  It improves your balance by making the muscles in your feet work in sync.
  • You’ll stand taller as you work the muscles in your body from the ground up.
  • AND your body moves more freely when your feet are fully grounded to the earth!

Depending on where you are in the world it might not be the right weather for ripping off your shoes and socks and going barefoot.  So try using toe-grip-sox  when you workout.  They give you all the training barefoot benefits without the freezing toes!

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