The Disadvantages of Wearing Training Shoes

Toes are crammed and can’t splay out correctly when in training shoes. This messes with the mechanics of your ankle and knees, hindering your form, your foot mobility, your ability to balance and increasing your risk of injury.

Sure, shoes can provide stability, comfort and support but at the same time immobilizing your foot and ankle in a shoe, restricts the natural movement of your foot over the ground. This allows certain muscles to weaken…….leading to muscle imbalances and the risk of injury.

There is a reason why more manufacturers are now producing training shoes that come as close to ‘barefoot’ training as possible!

The Importance of Being “Grounded”

Most exercise movements start with a connection to the
ground and work their way up the chain.

Hence your power and awareness comes from the ground up. Cover your feet with shoes and suddenly that power and awareness is decreased.

All workouts in my programs are done in bare feet. I encourage you to adopt this wonderful practice with your training and as much as possible in your day-to-day life.

Feel the energy of being grounded to the earth and see the positive changes in your posture, balance and muscle strength over time.