B barefoot training 

Train barefoot!

Kiss your tired aching feet goodbye!

Give your 28 bones, 30 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in your foot, a chance to work properly!

Improve your posture

Improve your balance

Say goodbye to your ‘niggling’ ankle and knee injuries

Do You Spend A Lot Of Your Day With Shoes On?

Your tired, aching feet from constantly being enclosed in shoes can cause your posture to suffer.   Leaving you feeling tired, sore and drained at the end of the day.

………….it’s no fun feeling that way! 

I totally get it though, as I had a lot of issues with my ‘achy’ feet in my 40’s until I ditched the trainers and started training myself and my clients barefoot.

Reap the benefits of ‘barefoot training’ with………..


The Home Workout Program

 For Getting toned muscles In Your 50’s

How It Works:

Step 1:

Choose your program and upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step 2:

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step 3:

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your hard-drive as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You:

100% Money Back Guarantee if after one month from the date of purchase, of doing the workouts and following the Training Calendar, you feel this program isnt’ right for you.  No hassles, no questions asked.

Your Amazing Feet!
  • Being barefoot and ‘grounded’ to the earth, improves your balance by making the muscles in your feet work correctly.
  • Your posture will improve as you start working the muscles in your body from the ground up.
  • Your body will move freely when your feet are fully in contact with the ground!

Train ‘barefoot’ and avoid…………

Achy feet

Niggling injuries

Ankle and knee issues

Weakened muscles that cause tightness and sore spots in your body

Ditch those tired, aching legs and feet – train barefoot! 

“……….I’m passionate about helping menopausal women combat loss of muscle tone with downloadable 20 minute video workouts.”

Get strong, fit, confident & toned In Your 50’s!