I love these types of questions from women……

  • What’s the best exercises for my 50 plus body?
  • How do I stop the boredom?  All the exercises feel the same!
  • How can I fit a workout in? Every day I’m busy…
  • I need motivation.  I want to exercise but I keep procrastinating….help? 

I get a little excited when I read these (in a good way)!  Because it sums up exactly how I used to feel many years ago.

How You Used To Train

In your 20’s and 30’s it was sort of a given you went and did a 1 hour fitness class or gym session. And so much of it was repetitive – the same old moves and bulky machines!

Who has the time each day for this?  Including travel time!

Throw the ‘boredom’ factor of the same old exercises into the mix…..and it’s a recipe for – I’ll do it tomorrow!

What if you could do a 20 minute home workout AND get results?   The dread of training and procrastinating would be history!

What’s Happening To Your Body Now

Crazy things start happening to your body in this age bracket – blame your hormone imbalance!

  • Joints become stiffer.
  • Muscles become tight and achy.
  • You feel ‘flabby’ in places.
  • Fat shows up in unwanted spots!

It’s not over! It might feel like it, but it’s just a wake up call to make some changes.

Training Harder & Dieting = Stress!

So you’ll be relieved to know that training harder and dieting is NOT the answer.

It is the answer to creating more stress in your body!  This affects your cortisol levels, which effects your ability to lose weight!

So don’t go there!

Strength & Flexibility Go Hand In Hand

Yeah it’s important to get toned muscle on your body –

  • To help speed up your metabolism
  • And keep the weight gain at bay………

…..But you HAVE to keep your flexibility in this age bracket – or it’s aching joints and aching muscle time!

Longer Is Not Better!

Training for longer is NOT always better!  You can change your body with 20 minute home workouts.  If you know how to balance the exercises within each workout.

Tweak Your Training

Have a look at your current training routine…..

Do You………….

  • get your heart rate up in 90% of your workouts (the rest can be great body releasing stretch sessions).
  • have an even balance of – Strength Training, Flexibility Work, Balance Work and Cardio within your workouts?
  • feel energised after your workouts?
  • feel stronger after your workouts?
  • have muscles and joints that stop aching after you’ve worked out?
  • get bored with your workouts and tend to stop and start your training routine?
  • come up with multiple excuses why you just CAN’T exercise today?

If you answered yes to the first 5 and no to the last 2 – fantastic – keep doing what you’re doing!

If not, try my unique training style – CoreStrength50plus Programsdesigned for women in their 50’s plus, by a women in her 50’s plus!  Moi!

The very best of –

  • Power Yoga
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Pilates
  • Functional Strength Training
  • And Low Impact Cardio Moves

…..in powerhouse 20 minute home workouts.

This training ‘works’!  You’ll be hooked once you give it a go and if you’re not – I’ll give you your $ back.

Check out my 20 minute programs for women in their 50’s  – click on the link below…….
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Remember….Train Smarter Not Harder!