If you ever see me in an airport, I’m the one doing weird things up against the wall!

Stretching out my arm and chest muscles.  Opening up my shoulder girdle.  Then it’s time for the Theraband series of stretches, a bit of spiky ball rolling on my glutes and then hands to the ground hamstring stretches.  Much to my husbands horror!

The beauty of being in your 50’s – I don’t care what people are thinking or saying.  I figure – I’m about to be sitting on my butt in a dehydrating plane for far too many hours!  I NEED to stretch!

Do you have to stretch after a workout?  YES!  Do you have to stretch before a workout?  YES!

Over 50?  Make it non-negotiable!

DON’T skip your stretch session!  Yeah you need to keep your body strong in this age bracket.  BUT…..you’ve got to keep working on your flexibility.

Your body is ageing.  Every day.  It’s not optional.  It’s just fact!  And it’s not a bad thing.  There’s many wonderful things about ageing.

However with that ageing….comes a shortening in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This shortening is going to effect your joints.  And the result of that…is pain!

So if you understand this…then you can accept that stretching is a non-negotiable part of your workout.  Pre workout.  AND post workout!

Your muscles need to be gently lengthened and warmed up before you start using them vigorously in your workout!  A static and dynamic stretch sequence will do this.

Your muscles are warm after you’ve trained.  Now’s the perfect time to gently lengthen them.  To keep your body supple.

Get a couple of different stretch routines up your sleeve so you don’t get bored and think “Oh gawd – I’ll skip the stretching today – I can’t be bothered” OR “I don’t have time”.

If it’s interesting and challenging and you understand the longterm benefits – you’re more likely to stick with it!

Don’t give up or give in!

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