A hardcore Iyengar Yoga Teacher taught me this!  She was a little bit mean!  But a wealth of knowledge!

Mean or not – I love that she showed me this!  It’s such a simple thing to do but brilliant for teaching you how to move your body correctly.  AND to help prevent knee injuries.  This works for yoga or any other type of training using a mat.

I’ve talked about this before.  BUT if you missed it or you’re wondering how to prevent knee injuries…….get your marker pen and tape measure out!

What’s going on with your feet?

Look down at your feet when you’re doing an exercise.  Are they in a straight line? Or…..

  • One foot forward, one slightly back – so you’re sort of on an odd angle!
  • Feet splayed out like a duck?
  • One foot straight – one turned out?
  • Or slightly twisted in your stance?

Avoid niggling injuries.  Sort your feet out!  All exercises start from the ground up.  Get your ground position right and your body will work FOR you – not against you.

Click on the link here to watch this short & sweet video with a simple and sweet tip!

Yoga Mat Training Tip

Give it a try and let me know how you go…..

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