I take all the shortcuts here in Ubud.  Not just because they’re shorter and quicker!  But when you’re on a pushbike you’re the lowest common denominator on the road.  So the less time I have to play ‘chicken’ with cars and trucks the better!

One shortcut I always take cuts through some rice paddies and veggie gardens.  With a few too many villas and mini resorts in-between.

It’s a narrow concreted path that cuts between two roads.  Only motorbikes, pushbikes and walkers can get down it.

It’s raised about 50 cm off the ground on both sides (in case there’s flooding in the wet season).

There are NO side railings.  So if your wheel grazes the edge…it’s head first into the rice paddies for you!

Oh and it has speed bumps down it!  What!!  Whose speeding on this path!

I’m always super careful navigating the un-barricaded 50cm high corners.  I’ve heard of a few people being hurtled off the edge.  One girl ended up with a broken nose!

This morning as I rounded the first corner…I’m like “Wow!!”

A gorgeous Balinese lady dressed in kebaya (the traditional white lace blouse and sarong) was riding her motorbike towards me – single handed!  Whilst balancing a breakfast tray in the other!

WHILST navigating the pathway and corners that have me sweating every time!

She was carrying two glasses of what looked like watermelon juice.  And two plates of sliced tropical fruits with lime…and cutlery.

The tray was perfectly still.  The juices weren’t tipping over.  She wasn’t sweating. She wasn’t anxious.  And the motorbike was NOT wobbling around.

She just smiled sweetly as I watched her in awe!

Where was she going with breakfast??  I’m assuming she was taking it from one resorts kitchen, to guests in another.

The core-strength AND the strength in her arm was pretty impressive!

Boredom can set in with your workouts if you’re doing the same old movements

And your clever body adapts quickly to doing the same thing.  Which unfortunately means you get to a point where you won’t see much change for all your effort!

One trick you can use to keep spicing up your workouts and keep your muscles challenged is….to hold your pose at the end of an exercise.  For a nice long slow count to 10.

In fancy terms – it’s Time Under Tension.

It’s an easy way to add a little extra challenge to your muscles AND often your balance.

You can take this concept and add it into any other style of training you do, to spice it up a bit. AND to get your muscles burning!  In a good way!

A few ideas…….

Roller Squat Hold Corestrength50plus.com workout tips for women over 50

After a set of 12-15 squats using your roller or a single DB.  Hold your dumbbell or roller at shoulder height for 10 seconds.  OR above and slightly forward of your head for 10 seconds.  You don’t have to come up on your toes like I am here.  But it does add an extra layer of challenge to your hold!

Roller superman lift workout tips for women over 50 corestrength50plus

After a set of 10-12 standing superman lifts – hold your arms with your roller (or light DB’s).  OR just your arms…for 10 seconds.

Lose your batwing arms - dumbbell tricep hold on the mat

After doing your ab exercises – drop back into the lowest position.  Draw down on your belly button and hold for 10-20 seconds.  It’s just as effective with or without the DB.


Don’t hold your breath when holding your pose!


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