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Train SHORTER & SMARTER 3 Day Video Series!

Don’t train longer & harder over 50!

DAY ONE – Start With Your Feet…..

If you want to get the best out of your 50 plus body……you’ve got to make changes to the way you approach your training and tweak what you’re doing.  And that doesn’t mean your training can’t be challenging and give you amazing results.  It can.  BUT with a slightly different approach.  It’s all about Training Smarter Over 50!

I’m Elaine Reynolds and I’ve been a Master Personal Trainer for 20 plus years.

There’s a lot of wonderful things about ageing.  But the icky niggling aches and pains aren’t one of them!   And we ALL get them…..no matter how fit or strong you are.  It’s part of the ageing cycle.  The best thing you can do is accept it.  Then you CAN change it.

Ok…lets get started with the first short & sweet videos!  At the foundation…….your FEET!

What You Need:

Pilates BAll….maybe!

Release the tension in your feet…..

Make sure you watch video one first….

This is the age of achy feet!  Trust me I know ALL about it!  Your hormone levels (particularly oestrogen) affect the flexibility in your feet.  In particular the muscles at the bottom of your feet…which annoyingly cause plantar fasciitis.  Urgh!  I’ve had so many issues with this and now feel like I’m the Plantar Fasciitis fixer! 

I’m actually adding a Foot & Fascia Release Program to ZenStrength in the next couple of months.  This program of relief exercises has worked brilliantly for me, so I wanted to share them with the current members.

Your feet house all the nerve endings for EVERY part of your body.  So if they’re not happy…your body’s not going to be….and you’re not going to be!

Accept what’s happening…then you can deal with it.  Watch this video and do this daily….

What You Need:

Spiky Ball or Hard Massage Ball

Get help from your Yoga Mat…..

If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know this one.  But have you done it yet?

I learnt this tip at an Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training I did many years ago.  I always loved Iyengar Yoga for the precision in movements.   And for the wise sense of props they used, for our stubborn western body structures!

This tip is so simple.  And will take you a few minutes to do.  So PLEASE do it!  It’ll make your training better and give you a deeper understanding of how to hold your body….

What You Need:

Builders Measuring Tape

Permanent Marker

DAY TWO – The MOST important muscle group in your body!

And the biggest.  Forget about this 3 part muscle group and you’ll end up with numerous issues from head to toe…….

Butt Booster Sequence…..

Doing isolated repetitive exercises for each body part can get BORING!  Well it does for me.  I like flowing and moving in my exercise routine.  Lengthening my body whilst working on targeted muscle groups.  So you get the strengthening AND lengthening together in one workout!

Dynamic movements are the way to train to lengthen your body.  Stop your joints from becoming sticky and keep your mind and body interested in your workouts.  Try out this Butt Boosting flow routine…

What You Need:

Broom handle or sturdy stick!

DAY THREE – Training Is 80% Mindset…..

If you don’t work on your mindset daily..…like your body, it goes south pretty quickly.  And it doesn’t have to be a big time commitment.  These days who HAS the time?

 You can layer techniques into your day that gently change your subconscious mind and the way you approach things.  Without being aware you’re doing it!

There’s power in the pen & paper…

Focus on the feeling…

Do this for 21 days.  And note it in your diary every morning so you remember!

Change these to reflect your goals…

Update these regularly…..