I used to get this moment of dread when I got an invite to a dinner party…

”Oh gawd what are they going to serve…is my stomach going to cope with it…..how many toilets are in the house!”

I’ve always had a sensitive digestive tract.  Same with my sister.  Can we blame our non-breast-feeding Mother?  We tried….her response…“What a load of BS!  There’s nothing wrong with my digestive system!”

A naturopath put me on to Digestive Enzymes in my 30’s.  Hallelujah!  I needed a bloated belly fix!  But she warned me I was too young to be relying on them all the time.  Even though they’re natural….I needed to focus on getting my digestive system stronger.

So they’re something I’ve always had on hand.  But don’t take all the time.

When I know I’ll be eating something richer or that might be questionable….I take a digestive enzyme.  They’ve never once let me down.

Never had digestion issues? I envy you!  But if you’re finding in this age bracket that weird things are happening to your digestive tract….Digestive Enzymes might be your answer.

Oestrogen levels drop post 50’s

This causes the natural flow of your gut to get messed up.  Hormones play a big part in your digestion process.  Hence the movement of food and waste through your digestive and intestinal tract does not go to plan!

And that equals…..

  • Indigestion…
  • Bloating..
  • Water retention…
  • Wind, wind, wind…
  • Constipation…
  • And….diarrhoea

You can be-moan it, hate it, dream of the past OR give your body a helping hand. 

The natural enzymes in a tablet simply help your digestive system break down the food.  And move it down the track.

Everyone I’ve ever recommended these to has thanked me profusely!

So if you’re having issues….give them a try

Tip: If you’ve got a history of IBS problems – choose a Digestive Enzyme without a pre-biotic or pro-biotic in it.  As this added ingredient can often just bloat you up!

I’ve always used and benefited from BioCeuticals Digestive Enzymes.  But there’s many other good brands to choose from..

And of course if you’re seeing a Naturopath or Therapist….please be guided by them first.

Don’t give up or give in!

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