Core Strength 50plus

20 Minute Workouts


Katrin Robinson 

“……….The exercises are explained very well and Elaine is very encouraging. I particularly like the way core strength is integrated into almost all of the exercises. I have a medical condition which affects my spine and I used to be quite stiff but since working out with Elaine I have become so much more flexible”.

Ali Martins

“………….I am what is considered a ‘mature client’ and Elaine’s forte is making people like me feel comfortable, engaged, challenged and enthused to try new things and to extend myself.  Love your work Elaine!”

Dr Indrani Saharay – General Practitioner

“……………She has infused in me a belief and behaviour that fitness comes from nutrition, balance, energy and self care.  My workouts keep on being challenging and I personally appreciate Elaine’s sound application of anatomy and physiology”.

Louise Douglas

“…………. I have gained an amazing amount of strength, mobility and flexibility. My entire body has toned even in place’s I didn’t realise weren’t already.  Training with Elaine has changed my life and shown me a way to exercise that I will enjoy for the rest of my life”.

Marcia Lazenby

“………..I am now doing things that I never dreamed would be possible and feel so much fitter, stronger and flexible”.

P. Collins

“………..Elaine lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and understands human and muscle movement like no other personal trainer I have ever met.  She is therefore perfect for persons of any fitness ability”.

Pippa Depiazzi

“……….It didn’t take long before I began to see and feel the benefits of her training programme. I felt great!”

“……….I’m passionate about helping women in their 50’s plus combat loss of muscle tone with online, downloadable 20 minute workouts.”


Get Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned In Your 50’s Plus With 20 Minute Workouts!