In my early 30’s I had an obsession with succulents and cacti.  I started a little (ultimately unsuccessful) business!   Selling my unusual plants in hand painted pots.  Pots painted by my beautiful girlfriend.

We got invited to bring all our crazy cacti and funky pots to a small home-party of women.  When we arrived I was asked to make a short pre-sale speech.

Truely it was a small group of maybe 10 women!  And I was so nervous I actually thought I might pass out!  Ridiculous I know!

My dread of public speaking was in overload!  In my defence though….my relationship of 12 years had just ended the day before.  My mind was full of poor me my life sucks and my belly was in full churn mode.   And I had to paste on a smile and be enthusiastic about selling bloody plants!!  The show must go on!

I can laugh about it now.  But I was NOT in my comfort zone.

We’re all taught – step out of your comfort zone – to make changes and improve your life.

And I admit I’ve made big improvements in my life when I’ve got uncomfortable.  Doing things that made me nervous and churned my guts up.  Although I made NO improvements on that particular day!

BUT….I’m not a person who gets energised by on the edge stress.  I definitely don’t fall into the ‘high performing stressed out entrepreneur’ category.  I know plenty of people that do.  And thrive and succeed.

But not me.  My aim has always been to be ‘chilled-out’ in business….and life!  I don’t always nail it.  And when I don’t, I end up with aching stiff shoulders, a sore neck and gut issues!  What’s the point!

BUT the magic sometimes happens INSIDE your comfort zone.


  • Do your best work.
  • Feel happiest.
  • Have good energy for everyone around you.
  • Stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future.
  • ….And you laugh more!

So should you – step out of your comfort zone?  Not always!

Have you found your comfort zone?  Not the place where you loll on the couch!  But the place where you can be 80-90% happy with the effort you’re putting into improving your body and mind?

And 80-90% happy with how you look and feel?  With no comparing yourself to others.  Or the ‘you’ of the past.  Or…..beating yourself up for not doing better or looking better.

Find that place.  It doesn’t have to be like mine…..or anyone else’s place.  It’s yours!

This age bracket is a good time to get to that spot.  It makes life so much sweeter. 

Learn from the self-judgemental lessons of your 20’s/30’s/40’s.  Did it get you anywhere positive?  Time to change it in your 50’s.

By the way….it was a 1.5 hr drive to get to that party and we sold bugger-all!  And I still have a dislike of public speaking.  Although not to the point of passing out!

Don’t give up or give in!

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