Reach and Pull Back!

Check out the training tips below before you do this one

 Training Tips…….

  1. Light DB’s 1 – 1.5 kilo.
  2. Feet hip width apart (important for your balance).
  3. Front knee stacked over front ankle.
  4. Back leg straight and strong.  High on your back toe.
  5. Breathe in and reach forward so your chest comes forward over your knee.
  6. Breathe out retract your shoulder blades as you pull back.
  7. Straighten your front leg.  (If this is tricky for your balance – keep your front knee bent as you pull back).
  8. Keep your neck relaxed.
  9. Do 10-12 x each leg.  2-4 x throughout your workout.
  10. TIP:  Give the DB’s a little squeeze as you pull back.  This makes you work the muscles you’re targeting, that little bit more!

Don’t rush this move.  Be very controlled….

Focus on your muscles retracting as you pull back and expanding as you reach forward!  BE in the moment!

And if you can….get yourself in front of a mirror…..

So you can check your knee position when you reach forward and pull back.  You don’t want your knee dropping in here.  If it is….make the reach movement smaller.  It won’t take long until you’re stronger with this move.