How to work out in your 50’s for YOUR body type?

Your Quiz Answer….

The Pear!


I’m a dead-set English pear shape too!  BUT I’ve managed to train my body to look less like a pear over the years.

With this body type you need to lift heavier weights

WITH a combo of lighter weights thrown in.  HOWEVER….you need to lift them while moving your body – in heart-rate raising, interval style training bursts.  Yeah you need to sweat!

Interval style training is brilliant for getting the body fat off your butt, belly and thighs.  Particularly in this age bracket.

So moving your body with dynamic movements, while doing heavier weights/lighter weights – is YOUR friend!  Not everyday of course.  Mix this style of training in with bodyweight work and yoga style workouts.

That addition of heavier weight and lighter pulsing weight work will give you the shape in your muscles.

AND moving your body dynamically at the same time, will get that sneaky layer of fat off the top.  So your muscles can make an appearance!

The heavier weights will give you definition and shape in your upper body.  Which will help balance you out with your lower body.  The pear shape will be history!

You need muscle tone on your body.  Not only to protect your joints.   But the more muscle you have….the faster your metabolism will be.  Which equals burning up more body fat.

However…if you only do heavier weights with this body shape….

And don’t address losing that extra layer.…..you can end up looking a bit chunky.  Even if it’s just a small extra layer!

Interval train 2-3 x per week.  No more than 3 though.  You don’t want to burn up and deplete your beautiful energy!

How to tackle it?

Do 3 heavier weights based exercises.  Then go straight into 12-15 repetitions of a low impact style exercise….designed to get your heart-rate up.  i.e. squat/alternating knee up or reverse lunge front-kick or similar.

Then repeat this.  Do 3 heavier weights based exercises.  Then go straight into 12-15 repetitions of a low impact style, heart-rate raising exercise. And keep repeating this sequence for 10 minutes.

Grab a quick drink.  And repeat the above again.  For a 20 minute workout.

Have a day or two’s break from this training style.  Then on your next interval training day choose a lighter weight.  Do 3 light weight Barre style pulsing exercises.  Then go straight into 12-15 repetitions of a low impact, heart-rate raising exercise. And keep repeating it for 10 minutes.

Grab a quick drink.  And repeat the above again.  For a 20 minute workout.

On your non-interval training days….focus on progressively lifting heavier weights when doing your upper body work.  Within your capabilities of course.  The heavier weights will give you the shape, definition and tone in your upper body.  This will counter balance your lower body.  Say adios to the pear!

Try this shortened version – 7 minute Upper Body Hold & Inner Thigh workout

If you enjoy it and get benefit from it….bookmark this page so you can add it to your weekly routine.  OR copy the URL of this page to a document on your desktop.  Then you can easily access it.

When you first do a workout, whether online or in person, you might not always be in time with the instructor.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  It might take a couple of times through to get the flow!

What you need:

2 x 1kilo or 1.5kilo DB’s

Pilates Ball

Yoga Mat

Favourite Workout Music

And in this age bracket put an equal amount of time into your flexibility, balance AND core strength.

There’s no point looking amazing but having a weak core and feeling stiff all the time!  It’ll only lead to more and more niggling injuries.

There’s a similarity in the training styles for all body shapes.

But with a few nuances.  A bit of tweaking and fine-tuning you can get the most out of your training session….for YOUR body.

The CoreStrength50plus workouts are designed primarily for the Apple and Pear shape.  So if that’s you…you’re in the right place!

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