How to work out in your 50’s for YOUR body type?

Your Quiz Answer….

The Lean Bean!


Your type of body LOVES heavier weights!

……And no it doesn’t mean you have to join a Body Builders gym and start sweating with the big boys!

But if you want to change the shape of your body and get more ‘curvy’…..you need to progressively increase your weights as you train.  Within your capabilities.

With this body type, the more you work your muscles…the more shape you get in your body.

Plus having that extra muscle on your body speeds up your metabolism.  Which helps with any extra body fat you might be carrying.

Many ex dancers and models have this body shape.

Some women would be envious of you having this body type.  But I know it takes just as much work and commitment to gain shape, as it does for someone who’s trying to lose weight.

How to tackle it?

Do your current workouts – doing 12 repetitions of each exercise.   With your starting weight.  For example using 5 kilo DB’s.  Do this for 2-4 weeks.  (This time frame depends on your current level of strength and fitness).  There’s no right or wrong.  Trust your body!   You’ll know when it’s time to take it to the next level.

Change some of the exercises in your workouts (even just a few slight changes is ok).  Put the weight up a kilo.  For example – use 6 kilo DB’s.  BUT do less repetitions – just do 10 repetitions.  Do this for 2-4 weeks.  (Follow the time frame guidelines as above).

Again…change some of the exercises in your workouts (even just a few slight changes is ok).  Put the weight up another kilo.  Use – 7 kilo DB’s.  BUT do less repetitions – just do 8 repetitions of each exercise.

You’ll get to a point where you’ll reach your body’s ‘weight lifting’ cap.  Then you just need to keep changing your exercises around.   And challenging your body with different size weights….and exercises.

So once you reach your ‘cap’…..

One week do your workouts with a lighter weight.

  The next go heavier and do less repetitions.

The idea is to keep your body guessing.

And not getting used to doing the same thing.  Or the same weight.  This stresses your muscles and will make them grow!

Listen to your body.  And trust your body.  Yes you need to push yourself.  But if the weight you’re doing is aggravating your neck or joints….then you need to back off.   It’s ok.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  It just means you’re smart!  And have become body aware!

And yeah you still need to do cardio.

We all need to keep our heart healthy.  But make the weight lifting the bigger part of your workout week.

Plus in this age bracket put an equal amount of time into your flexibility, balance AND core strength.

There’s no point looking amazing but having a weak core and feeling stiff all the time!  It’ll only lead to more and more niggling injuries.

There’s a similarity in the training styles for all body shapes.

But with a few nuances.  A bit of tweaking and fine-tuning you can get the most out of your training session….for YOUR body.

The CoreStrength50plus workouts are designed primarily for the Apple and Pear shape.

If you’re a Lean Bean and want to get more curves and bigger muscles on your body…you need to do 3-4 days per week of lifting progressively heavier weights.

BUT if you’re a Lean Bean and you LOVE your shape.  AND just want to keep your muscles toned.   And your body fit and flexible…..then the CoreStrength50plus workouts will get you there.  Check out the workout below…..

Try this shortened version – 7 minute Upper Body Hold & Inner Thigh workout

If you enjoy it and get benefit from it….bookmark this page so you can add it to your weekly routine.  OR copy the URL of this page to a document on your desktop.  Then you can easily access it.

When you first do a workout, whether online or in person, you might not always be in time with the instructor.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  It might take a couple of times through to get the flow!

What you need:

2 x 1kilo or 1.5kilo DB’s

Pilates Ball

Yoga Mat

Favourite Workout Music

Want the printable version of the Lean Bean Way To Exercise?

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I have loads of core-strengthening & flexibility exercise demos on my Instagram account.  Check it out here for inspiration…

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