The Home Workout Program For Getting toned muscles In Your 50’s

Get Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned!


14 Week Downloadable

 video workout & Holistic Information Program

core Body Transformation 20 – CBT20

Toned muscles
Strong back & beautiful posture
Abs that ‘fire up’ & work
Confidence & energy plus
A whole new outlook on life from daily exercising

don’t put up with the negative changes of menopause!

Life will change when you get Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned In Your 50’s


Having back issues?

A strong body with muscles that are fired up and working, will dramatically improve your posture and help support your spine.


Feeling tired?

Increasing your fitness with 20 minute workouts will give you a huge burst of daily energy and a renewed positive outlook on life.


Feeling invisible?

Confidence will be your friend as you watch your body transform.


Unhappy with what you see in the mirror?

Toned muscles will change the way you look and move.

“………You only need a few pieces of equipment and it’s quite amazing how many different things you can do with a couple of weights.  The sessions never get boring, they are challenging, you will feel that you have worked out – but in a good way, not as if you’re just about to collapse with exhaustion.  I always feel great afterwards”. 

K. Robinson

Done some training but need a program that understands how to train women in this age bracket?  This is the one for you!

Includes 18 video workouts: You will never be bored with these video workouts that challenge your Strength, Balance and Flexibility.  Lean muscle workouts that protect your joints but will keep challenging you.

Highly effective 20 minute workouts: Structured in 2 x 10 minute rounds so if you’re pressed for time, you can still get a great 10 minute workout!

Fully downloadable to your hard-drive: All video workouts and holistic information are yours to keep.

Weekly holistic information: Encouragement to keep you on track and daily habits to change your body and relax your mind.

Exercise modifications If You’re Dealing With An Injury: Workouts to get that fantastic lean muscle shining through whilst protecting your joints.

The core body transformation 20 Home Workout Program For Getting toned muscles in your 50’s

How It Works:

Step 1:

Choose your program and upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step 2:

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step 3:

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your hard-drive as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You:

100% Money Back Guarantee if one month from the date of purchase, of doing the workouts and following the Training Calendar, you feel this program is not right for you.  No hassles, no questions asked.

“………..I am passionate about helping menopausal women combat loss of muscle tone with 20 minute downloadable video workouts to get you Strong, Fit, Confident & Toned“.

You don’t have to accept the negative aspects of menopause………….

Loss of muscle tone

The dreaded flat butt!

Achy body

And lack of energy

The frustration and lack of confidence that this brings doesn’t need to happen. 

“……….training with Elaine has changed my life and shown me a way to exercise that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.” Louise Douglas

 “………I am now doing things that I never dreamed would be possible and feel so much fitter, stronger and flexible.”  Marcia Lazenby

“………She has completely transformed both my body shape and lifestyle and I am thrilled.”  Pippa Depiazzi

What You Save


One-on-one Personal Training with a Master Trainer for 14 weeks $4,200

Unlimited fitness classes for 14 weeks $700

Core Body Transformation 20, 14 Week Program designed by

 Master Trainer Elaine Reynolds $179

Price: US$179

For an investment in your health, core strength and fitness, this Toned Muscle program works out at………..

less than $13 per week
over the 14 week period!

………..the information and workouts are fully downloadable
and will keep challenging you for many years to come.