There’s lots of variations of pilates ball abs exercises.  This is one of them….

A couple of ‘tweaks’ in an exercise can –

  • Make a basic exercise that little bit more challenging!
  • Get more of your muscle groups working at the same time.
  • And stop the boredom factor!

If your exercises are interesting, challenging and varied….you’re more likely to stick to your training routine.

Doing the same stuff endlessly is boring!  And no good for your body.  Or mind!

Have a library of sequenced workouts to choose from.  And you’ll want to train!

Pilates Ball Abs Training Tips:

Tuck your pilates ball slightly under your butt to support your lower back.  Knees bent. If your top’s made of slippery material – tuck it into your pants.

  • Pick up your 1-1.5 kilo DB’s.  Extend your arms straight and strong.
  • Breathe in.  Drop back.  Chin down.  Extend one leg.
  • Breathe out.  Come up.  Knee to chest.
    Repeat 10-12 x.  Then swap sides

Do this twice throughout your workout.

Don’t give up or give in!

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