“Oh….you’ve got lazy glute muscles”

“Oh…f…u!” I thought to myself.

A chiropractor told me this in my 30’s.  Midway through an adjustment!  I never returned for her services!  I obviously didn’t take criticism well back then!  Nothing wrong with my perky butt!

I’d been training in gyms for years and thought I had pretty good muscle tone.  Obviously not!

So started a journey of discovering different ways to target my glute/butt muscles that didn’t involve weights.

The crab walk (with tubing) is a ‘perky butt-waking up’ exercise!  You’ve probably heard about it before.   Or done it before.  It’s been around for a long time.

You can feel your glute muscles the next day after doing this!  In a good way!

BUT if your form is crap (shoulders rounded over, knees dropping in, upper body rocking around) you’re better off not doing it!

Get the form right first!

Watch this short demo clip from one of my 20 minute workout videos.  You need a 1.3 metre length of tubing for this exercise.

You can buy tubing online or from any good Physiotherapist.  It comes in different strengths.  The colour of the tubing indicates the strength.  Different brands do different colours.  So check first.  You need a medium strength tubing.

But first – check out the training tips below –

Extra Tips – To Give You Great Form:

  • Try not to ‘rock around’ in your upper body when you step out.  Keep your upper body STILL!  Make the effort come from your lower body.
  • Draw up on your belly button.  So you take the pressure off your lower back.
  • Make sure your knees aren’t dropping in.  Being in front of a mirror is ideal.   Or look down regularly and check your knees as you step out and step in.
  • If they’re dropping in – tie the tubing ABOVE your knees.  AND slow down.  Till you get the form right.  Less is more!

In this video I’m doing 2 steps out and in – for demo purposes.  But you can step the length of your room.  A couple of times….depending on the length of your room.  Or do 10 steps one way/then back.  Repeat this 4-5x.

Your burning butt muscles will tell you when it’s time to stop!

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