I watch my 80 year old neighbour tend his veggie garden.  With envy!

He eases down to a squatting position in one smooth movement.  He squats low!  His butt almost touching the ground.  And stays in that position for 5-10 minutes planting and weeding his veg.

Getting up is one fluid motion.  There’s no stiffness or jerking.  Or staggering to the side! Then he moves to the next spot.

After I’ve watched him I sometimes try it!  I used to be able to squat down low like that.  But my arthritic right hip starts protesting almost immediately now!  And 20-30 seconds in, I can feel the pins and needles firing up.  Rrrrrrr!

With an ‘urggggh’ and and an ‘aaaah’ I get up in a jerky ‘oh gawd’ motion.  With a slight stagger to the side!  Thinking – ‘nah…not a good idea Elaine’!

That generation of Balinese sat on the ground.  Chairs were not a big thing.  And it shows in the flexibility in their hips.  It’s just ‘wow’ to see.

Whether you like them or not….your day is full of squatting type movements.  Not all are low squats.  But keeping that flexibility in your hips is a MUST!

So master your squat in your workouts and keep them challenging!

Bored with your squatting?  Give this exercise a try….

Just remember to do the thigh-burning pause!  And read the Training Tip below!

Squatting Tip – To Give You Great Form:

  • Put one finger in the middle of your breastbone and one finger in your belly button.
  • The distance between your fingers should remain the same as you lower into your squat.
  • If the space between your two fingers shortens….try lifting up through your chest more on the next squat.  OR don’t squat so low.

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