Your experience with menopause or peri-menopause will be unique to you.

Sure there will be many similarities and bonding moments with friends comparing the crazy “What the hell is happening to my body” issues!

But we are all so completely different that what may work wonderfully to help one woman, might not necessarily work for you.

There is certainly comfort though in knowing that you are not alone in some of your experiences.  You are part of the ‘sisterhood’!

This is a time of research, understanding and being willing to try different things to alleviate your symptoms.

During Peri-Menopause And Menopause

YOU MUST get toned muscle on your body!

Elaine core strength exercises combating menopause weight gain.

Because this muscle will increase your metabolism, assisting you in weight loss.

This muscle tone and definition will also support your joints and spine alleviating many of your aches and pains.

YOU MUST stretch your body to make it fluid and flexible.  Because, this too, will alleviate that achy feeling and make it easier to move freely, without fear of niggling injuries.

YOU MUST get your heart rate up in short bursts.  Because this type of HIIT training principle, will attack your body and belly fat.   It is proven to be the best way for women to lose weight in those stubborn butt and belly areas.

YOU MUST rest your body and mind.  Because keeping your body and mind in a stressful state affects your cortisol levels.  It will make no difference how hard or long you train or what crazy diet you go on.  Because you will NOT lose weight and belly fat if your body and mind is in a state of stress.

The Mayo Clinic has some great advice on how to apply fitness tips for menopause to your daily routine.

Dynamic Fusion Training 20 Minute Workouts

By using a combination of the very best of Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Barre Work, Functional Strength Training and Low Impact Cardio Moves in a 20 minute workout……..you can achieve the above.

My Menopause Journey

Elaine explaining why core strength helps with menopause weight gain issues

I was about 46/47 years old when I started going through peri-menopause.  I was training hard as I had done for years and eating clean and healthy, as I had always done.

Very slowly and annoyingly, I started to put on weight.   I felt bloated, my muscles felt softer and I felt tired and achy a lot.

I was a certified Master Personal Trainer, training mainly women.  Yet here I was struggling with how to get my body lean again and how to address the aches and pains in it.

Because of this, I honestly went through a period of time feeling like an imposter.

I was qualified with nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience.  I was supposed to know how to keep fit and lean. Yet why weren’t the things I had done for years working anymore.

I decided I had to train harder and longer –

I started running again, I started to go back to some more hard-core styles of training (plyometric jumping, sandbag work and boxing) that I had done when I was younger.

All they did were make me feel so tired and so sore…….and still no weight loss.

I finally snapped out of it, took a step back, stopped beating myself up and started looking for a solution.

I looked at the training styles I had loved and used for clients and myself for many years.  I started to mold them into a fusion of dynamic routines that would get the very best out of your body.  Focusing on strength, flexibility and protecting your joints and most importantly, in the least amount of time!

Don’t get me wrong – I love training but I actually don’t want to train for an hour a day!  Some people do and that’s great but I look forward to my workout when I know it’s going to take me 20 minutes……..plus my stretching time!

There’s no ONE thing that can fix all the problems you might encounter during this menopausal time.  It’s a collaborative mix of changes and techniques that might be unique for you.  To alleviate some of the issues and to make it easier to deal with others, you must become Strong and Flexible in your body!  By training smarter – not longer!

Consistency Is The Key When Going Through The Stages Of Menopause

Try not to dwell on what you looked like 10-20 years ago!  Because that time has passed and will never come back.

Put in the work and the energy to be the very best you can be – for your mind and body – now!

It may take you a bit longer to achieve the results you want than in previous years.  But if you remain consistent with your training and eating and Make Your Body Strong – you WILL get fabulous results.

Remember – You Are Not Alone!