Day Two –

of the

Limited Time

Train SHORTER & SMARTER Video Series!

Don’t train longer & harder over 50!

Missed Day One?  You can check the videos out here……they’re short & sweet and easy to consume….. Start With Your Feet…

The MOST important muscle group in your body!

And the biggest.  Forget about this 3 part muscle group and you’ll end up with numerous issues from head to toe…….

Butt Booster Sequence…..

Doing isolated repetitive exercises for each body part can get BORING!  Well it does for me.  I like flowing and moving in my exercise routine.  Lengthening my body whilst working on targeted muscle groups.  So you get the strengthening AND lengthening together in one workout!

Dynamic movements are the way to train to lengthen your body.  They stop your joints from becoming sticky and keep your mind and body interested in your workouts.  Try out this Butt Boosting flow routine…

What You Need:

Broom handle or sturdy stick!

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