Day Three –

of the

Limited Time

Train SHORTER & SMARTER Video Series!

Don’t train longer & harder over 50!

Missed Day One and Day Two?  You can check the videos out here……they’re short, sweet & punchy and easy to consume…..

Day One… Start With Your Feet…

Day Two….Butt Booster Sequence

Training is 80% mindset.  If you don’t work on your mindset daily..…like your body, it goes south pretty quickly.  And it doesn’t have to be a big time commitment.  These days who HAS the time?

You can layer techniques into your day that gently change your subconscious mind and the way you approach things.  Without being aware you’re doing it!

There’s power in the pen & paper…

Focus on the feeling…

Do this for 21 days.  And note it in your diary every morning so you remember!

Change these to reflect your goals…

Update these regularly…..

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