Two rookie mistakes were made!

Several years ago I brought new ‘comfort’ style walking shoes just before a 3 week holiday to Vietnam.  AND my other half forgot (yes forgot) to pack any shoes!  Only had what he wore on the plane.  Totally unsuitable for long days of walking!

They have small feet in Vietnam.  My husband has big, wide feet.  The only shoes he found to fit him were under a pile of ‘you beaut’ cheap offers at a local market.  Big, wide, heavy-duty style orthotic sandals.  With ugly velcro straps across the top of them

But he was happy!  He now had shoes.  Until we spotted an elderly lady in a wheelchair wearing the exact same pair!

So of course I took multiple photos of his ‘ugly lady shoes’ feet on our holiday!  In fact most of our photos on that holiday featured his shoes!

My rookie mistake…and yeah it was a BIG mistake.  Buying shoes BEFORE a holiday.

Comfort shoes take time to wear in.  Oh gawd…. my feet were killing me.  At one stage I told my husband if he wanted me to go any further he had to piggy back me!

Full on joint soreness…and stiffness.   Feet ached.  Ankles ached.  Knees ached.  Damn you comfort shoes!

Aching joints can also be exacerbated after a heavy weights training session.   And don’t get me wrong….I believe doing heavier weights in this age bracket is a must!

Getting joint soreness and stiffness after heavy weights?

You can sometimes find heading into your 40’s and 50’s that joint soreness and stiffness can start to show up after your session.

Now I know this isn’t true for all women.  Some women won’t have a problem with this.  We’re all unique.

But if you are, it’s a good time to start re-jigging the balance of ‘how’ you train. It doesn’t mean you give up your heavier weights session.  But you start to balance those sessions out.   With more lighter weight, body weight and yoga style sessions.

Every day you’re ageing. And with ageing….comes a shortening in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This shortening IS going to effect your joints.  And the result of that…IS pain!

So be open to change.  It doesn’t mean you’re going backwards.  You’re just being smart.  And getting more of a balance of training styles in your weekly routine.

Don’t give up or give in!

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