Immune System Booster – Recipes & FREEBIE

What’s happening in the world now is drumming home to everyone, particularly this age bracket, that NOTHING is more important than keeping your body and immune system strong.  So I’ve got two great little energy booster recipes for you at the end of this blog and a brilliant FREEBIE!

It feels crazy and surreal at the moment (like we’re in a movie!)  And unfortunately the anxiety and stress many are feeling, only depletes the nutrient levels right out of your body.

Your body needs protein!

You may not have access to all the foods you normally buy so if you can get an Organic Protein Energy Booster into your day – it’s worth it.

Being a woman in her mid 50’s I know the importance of keeping that muscle tone on your body and your B12 levels up.  Not only for the way you look and feel –

  • But for the health and support of your joints
  • Your muscle tone
  • Your energy levels
  • And your immune system

And not all proteins are created equal!

For your info –

  • Crickets are a whopping 69% protein
  • Other animal sources are about 26% protein
  • And plant protein is about 13-14%

B12 – The energy booster:

Stomach acid declines with age.   And you need that stomach acid to absorb the B12 from your food.  So the next best way is to get it in an organic supplement.

  • B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products.  So if you’re vegan or vegetarian you’re going to struggle to get the right levels of B12.
  • Salmon is a high source of B12.
  • But crickets have 12x more B12 than salmon!

Shameless plug here – because I love this stuff!

I’ve been using Grilo Organic Cricket Protein Powder for about 8months now and I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy levels and my muscle tone.  And woo-hooo – no IBS issues at all!

Plus I’ve stopped taking a lot of the other supplements I was using as I just don’t need them anymore.

So if you want to work on the strength and muscle tone in your body and increase your energy levels and immune system, I say give Crickets a go!

The Grilo Organic Protein Powder Blends not only taste great but you’ll be doing a wonderful thing for the planet by avoiding using other animal protein products.

Now more than ever is the time to really be focusing on your immune system and making yourself the strongest and healthiest you can be.

So give this dense little immune boosting shot a go…….

Immune System Boosting –

 Parsley & Organic Super Greens & Cricket Powder Shot!

When I was a kid I used to stand in the middle of my Mums big parsley patch – grazing!

Probably slightly weird for a kid but I’ve always had a thing for parsley!

The difference from then to now, is that then – I could munch  on it endlessly.  If I do that now – I end up with parsley embedded in every inch of my teeth!

So I eat in the privacy of my home with a mirror at the ready AND make myself a parsley juice shot every morning.

  • Parsley is nutrient dense
  • Is rich in Vitamin A & C – big antioxidant boosters
  • Full of Vitamin K – great for bone health
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • And many other immune boosting beauties (just google to get the full picture!)

You don’t need much parsley and you don’t need to make a big morning juice to get all the massive benefits.  Plus it’s so easy to grow in your garden.

  • 1/2 cup water
  • Big handful fresh parsley
  • 1 heaped tsp of Magnesium Powder (to keep your muscles relaxed)
  • 1 tablespoon of Grilo Super Greens & Cricket Protein Powder (Super high in B12, Protein and Iron)
  • Small knob fresh turmeric (optional) – great anti-inflammatory
  • Small knob fresh ginger (optional, but make it small or it can taste too bitter).  It’s so good for your digestive system and it’s an anti-inflammatory too.
  • Chunk of fresh Aloe Vera (optional) – so, so good for soothing your digestive system

Whack it all in your blender and whizz away!

Energy Boosting Treat

Cacao Coconut Lime Protein Balls

Click on the link below for a FREE DOWNLOADABLE copy of my fructose free yummy treat recipe.

Protein Ball Recipe

Because I love this product so much, Grilo is giving away a FREEBIE sample of their Super Greens & Cricket Protein Powder mix OR a sample of their Organic Chocolate Cricket Protein Powder.

All you have to do is hit on the link below to get taken to their landing page.

Fill in your details and they’ll send you a sample in the mail.

Now unfortunately because of the tricky customs rules around the world – they can only send to people in Australia.  Fingers crossed this’ll change at some stage.

Protein Powder FREEBIE

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