Seen a side-on photo of yourself and realised ‘horror-of-horrors’ you’re a sloucher?

Keep reading and find out – how to stop slouching!

I’m not a good ‘Let’s sit down for hours’ person! Never have been. It doesn’t suit my body.

So I’ve spent MANY years trying to get comfortable in my body, to sit for long periods.

I’m envious of people who get on a plane and sit AND sleep for the whole journey! I’m the uncomfortable restless one!

Were You Created To Sit?

Your body was NOT created to be sitting for long periods. But most of our lives and jobs are now spent –

  • Attached to a computer screen.
  • Sitting in cars stuck in traffic.
  • Commuting on trains or buses for what feels like hours!
  • Lolling in planes on long-haul stints.
  • In front of the TV.
  • ……..the list is endless!

I’m Guilty Of This!

I LOVE sitting on a chair like this –

  • One foot on the ground.
  • One on the chair with my knee up in the air.

This is BAD! Feels good at the time but my hips are all twisted. And I pay the price later. I’m getting better at stopping myself doing this though! So if you like sitting like this too…stop!

Sitting For Long Periods Is Not Your Friend!

It’s a FACT! Endless sitting on your butt is a contributor to most muscle and joint issues (and illnesses).

For Your Info:

A daily workout doesn’t make up for the endless hours of sitting! Crappy things start happening to your body from sitting for long periods!

What Goes On When You Sit On Your Butt For Too Long?

  • Your circulation slows right-down because your leg muscles are sitting there stagnant!
  • Over time all sorts of muscle imbalances start to creep in.
  • Which leads to muscle groups, not functioning in unison.
  • Some muscles end up doing all the work.  AS the opposite muscles take a holiday!
  • Then it’s off to the Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Masseuse for a band-aid fix!

What Happens To Your Butt & Leg Muscles?

Most people who work in an office, find their butt muscles (glutes) stop firing up to do their job. They get lazy and flat!

The muscles in the front of your groin and legs start to shorten.

And this shortening affects your back…..AND the back of your legs. You end up with tight, stiff hamstrings.

Touching your toes becomes history!

What’s Your Office Job Solution?

  • See if you can get a standing desk installed at work.
  • Rotate this standing position with sitting as well.
  • If the above isn’t possible, get up every hour or half hour and go for a stroll.


Changing from a seated to a standing position gives your metabolism a boost. Speeding up the fat burning process!

And I know getting up and walking around is hard to do when you’re in the work ‘zone’. BUT you’re far more productive when you’re body is discomfort-free!

How Should You Sit?

  • Both sitting bones should have contact with the seat.
  • Both feet should be flat on the ground. Not hanging in space! This’ll aggravate your lower back.
  • Put something under your feet if you can’t quite touch the ground with flat feet.
  • Your hips should always be higher than your knees. Check in a mirror if you’re not sure.
Your butt cheeks should sit BEHIND your spine.
Not tucked under. Check in a mirror!

  • Before you sit, lift your butt cheeks up with both hands.
  • Pull them back and then sit yourself down.
  • Make sure no-one is standing behind you when you do this.  It might look a bit odd!

Every few hours do your pelvic floor exercises.

Working your pelvic muscles switches on your TA Muscle (Transverse Abdominus). This muscle runs behind all your other abdominal muscles. It plays a big part in strengthening your core and supporting your spine.

Use Your Training Tools To Help

Do you sit a lot in your job and there’s no way the big boss will buy you a standing desk?  Then get yourself on a fitball or a duradisc.

the fit-ball.  Sit on it and stop slouching

The FitBall

Want to…..

  • De-slouch yourself?
  • Make your CORE strong?
  • AND get rid of niggling back issues?

…….The Fit-ball is the answer!

Use at your desk to sit on instead of your chair. It gets all your core muscles working.  And gets you slouch-free!

Make sure your hips are above your knees. (Check in the mirror).

Buy a good one!

The advantages are huge! It’ll be the difference between you using your ball or shoving it deflated in the corner of the garage!

AOK Medi-Ball Max or Pro are quality balls available in Australasia. Elsewhere in the world? Look for a ball recommended by Physiotherapists or Personal Trainers.

They’re a bit pricier than brands available at big chain style stores but it’s money well spent.

The Duradisc.  Learn how to stop slouching.

The Duradisc

If you’re slouching and have lower back problems, start sitting on your Duradisc, at work or home.

Pop it on top of your chair for 20-30 minutes at a time, building up to an hour at a time. Works the same as sitting on the Fit-ball. Yeah it looks like a whoopee cushion but it’s smaller and easier to carry to work!

Sitting on it OR your Fit-ball, makes you work your Transverse Abdominis muscle (your TA). This muscle runs behind all your other ab muscles and acts like a support system for your lower back. It’s the Queen of your ab muscles!

It’ll CHANGE the way you feel when you’re sitting AND when you get up.

Grab it online!

Check Your Set-Up

Sit at your computer.  Are you –

  • Lifting your chin up to look at the screen?
  • Tucking your chin down too low to look at the screen?

Adjust the height of your computer screen AND how close your laptop is to you. The back of your neck should be long and relaxed.

Do your shoulder muscles start to ache after awhile?

Then lower your keyboard so your hands are below your elbows.

If nothing seems to work for you, pay the $ and have someone come to give you an ergonomic assessment of your setup.

You’re worth it!

Whatever you choose to do –

Get Up And Move Around As Much As Possible During The Day.

You’re not wasting time.

You’re Putting The Health Of Your Body First!

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