There was a serious body-builder in my Master Personal Trainer course.  It was many, many moons ago!  But I remember he was extremely disciplined with his training and eating.  Everything revolved around his muscles!

He told the class he was going  to run an experiment on himself.  Keep training hard and stick to his calorie & fat controlled diet.  But get those calories purely from shitty food sources.  Chocolate and other questionable fats and questionable carbohydrates.

He lasted 2 weeks.  His verdict…..he felt like crap!  Couldn’t sleep properly, felt sluggish, toilet issues, couldn’t stick to his tough training regime, felt like he was losing muscle etc, etc.

Oh hello!  I wasn’t surprised!  And not sure why he needed to do the experiment!  I mean you are what you eat!

Exercising is just a PIECE of the body-changing puzzle…..

Yeah it’s a crucial piece.  But it’s still just a piece.  Have a holistic approach when you look at making changes to your body.

If you only did the exercise part and ignored all the other layers – you’d probably get fed-up.  Putting all that effort in and not getting the results you wanted.

And yeah you’ve probably heard these multiple times but – these holistic layers work!  They make your body happy and calm.  And when your body is happy and calm…it WILL change.  If it’s not….it won’t!

8 Holistic Steps to Stay Fit Over 50……

  1. Your breath – a short daily breath practice (even 1-2 minutes) will calm your mind. 
  2. Body brush or use a massage roller – it gets your lymph glands working and stimulates the toxins out of your skin
  3. Use a trigger point roller – 5-6 x per week.  All over your body. Your body is covered from head to toe with a fine layer of connective tissue called fascia.  When you’re dehydrated, stressed, eating crappy food, too much alcohol etc your fascia becomes tight and unforgiving! Which equals problems in your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, flexibility, posture etc.
  4. Get the crap out of your cupboards.  You ARE what you eat.  Or more to the point – You are what your body digests and absorbs!
  5. Drink more water – 2.5-3litres per day.  It’ll minimise the over 50’s aches and pains!
  6. Stretch.  Daily!  Don’t skip it!
  7. Daily ‘ME’ time.  It’s not selfish.  It’s essential!
  8. Meditate.  Get the compulsive over-thinking about nothing out of your mind!  Even if it’s for a short period each day.

And there’s plenty more!  You don’t have to do them all.  Do one or two for awhile.  Then add in another one or two.

In this age bracket focus on ‘calming your BODY & MIND’.

Don’t give up or give in!

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