So what’s a good new years resolution?  Straight up…don’t make it about health and fitness!

New Years in Bali is in March – it’s the Hindu New Year called Nyepi.  It’s a day of complete silence and self-reflection.  For the whole island.  All the shops are closed and even the airport. 

The night before there are celebrations.   Large AMAZING papier-mâché giants called Ogoh-Ogoh are carried through the streets.  While loud gamelan music plays.  These are then set on fire.  This releases the evil spirts that have brought disease and misery to the island.  The burning signifies banishing them for good!

The following day…you’re not supposed to leave your house.  Local watchmen known as pecalang (village security) patrol the streets.  And you’ll be escorted back to your house if you’re found wandering aimlessly around!

Curtains should be closed, wifis turned off and no TV.  This is so any evil spirts that might still be lurking around…think the island is empty and will keep moving on.  And take their evil elsewhere!

I love it!  My husband hates it!  He needs visual screen stimulation!  But it’s a time to get very still and quiet.  And get full of gratitude for the past year.  And I’m always a fan of that!

Are you a New Years resolution maker?

If you have your own business you’re making resolutions, daily, weekly and monthly.  So you may not indulge in the whole resolution thing.

So what’s a good New Years resolution?

For many the tried and trusted resolutions are often to do with health and fitness.  If that’s you…..please stop!

Take health and fitness OUT of your New Years resolution options!  They don’t belong there.  Put them in the ‘non-negotiable’ section of your life.

Exercising, health, fitness (whatever you want to call it) is not something you start and stop.  Then re-start….or wait till Monday…or next month or the beginning of the year.  Not in this age bracket anyway!

That ship has sailed for you! You might’ve got away with it in past decades.  But if you want to fully enjoy the next 30-50 years of your relatively short time on this planet….exercising and clean eating are a non-negotiable part of your day.  For life!

From the day you’re born you’re ageing….

At 5 you’re ageing.  At 25 you’re ageing.  It’s not optional…..its life.  And yeah ageing at 50 does feel different to ageing at 25!  This is when you hit the weird hormonal aches and pains bracket of your life.

Get your head around accepting them as part of the process!  When you accept them and stop resisting….you can do something to minimise them.

And your best tool is……challenging and/or moving your body in an intentional way 5-6 days of the week.  Non-negotiable!

It won’t get rid of all your achy body stuff.  BUT it MASSIVELY changes the way you move, feel and look as you glide into the next 30-50 years.

Being achy and sore, out of shape, unfit….is a fast track to feeling depressed.  That’s why counsellors, psychiatrists, and therapists recommend exercising when they get a client.  Despite all the other benefits….the release of feel-good endorphins changes the way you face your day!

So if you don’t want to spend the next 30 plus years trialling drugs for various doctors….

  • Make your body strong. Toned muscles protect your joints and your spine.
  • Make it flexible. Whatever age you are there’s a freedom in being able to bend, twist and reach with ease.
  • Get your heart rate up in bursts. No one likes huffing and puffing after climbing a set of stairs!
  • Move your body in an intentional way 5-6 days of the week…non-negotiable!

You don’t have to love it! Like you brush your teeth…just do it!  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t feel energised with a happy, positive buzz….after a workout!

Don’t give up or give in!

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