“I’m OVER dyeing my hair!”  I decided….I was going grey naturally!

No more –

  • Mucking around with the box set herbal dye!
  • Being p….d off at the tuft of grey hair coming through my hairline.  Only four days after dyeing it! 
  • Pleading with my husband to dye the back of my hair.  Then getting irritated when he ‘sploshes’ the dye randomly around my head!
My hubby’s response to my going grey declaration –

“What!…..Nooooooo!!!…….I’m not ready to be with a grey haired woman”!

In all fairness his 92 year old Mum dyed her hair right to the end – and she looked fantastic!  So his idea of grey hair on his wife was a bit shocking!

He didn’t realise how funky and cool I was going to look! That’s what I kept telling him anyway! I didn’t tell him – it can take up to 3 years for some women to reach those silver grey locks! I was hoping I’d be in the 1 year (ish) category!

I LOVED the silver/grey look……but didn’t think I had enough grey.

The ‘I’m running out of hair dye’ Covid time of 2020, showed me I had PLENTY of grey!

The Ageing Journey…

Grey hair IS part of the ageing process. Although some men and women start going grey in their 20’s and 30’s!  So the idea you have to be old to have grey hair is a bit dated.

If you WANT it enough –

….you CAN change and improve your body at any age!

And if you WANT it……..you can change your grey hair colour at any age. BUT I didn’t want it anymore!

Don’t Fight The Process!

Get a level of acceptance happening about the ageing process. 100% – you should never give up!  BUT….put the work in to make your body and mind the best it can be for where you are NOW!

Cause if you’re fixating and dreaming about having the body of your 20’s or 30’s – forget it!

You could try.  But you’d have to spend hours training, obsessing about what goes in your mouth and NOT enjoying life! Who wants that!

This is FACT…

How ever well you look after yourself your body is ageing and changing. If you fight ALL the changes and keep dreaming of the past – it’s going to be an ugly journey for the next few decades!

  • Your skin is going to go crepey
  • Cellulite is going to show up in unusual places
  • Some muscles may not be as firm as they used to
  • ….and that’s a fact of ageing for everyone. STOP fighting it……..

Love the fact……

  • You’re confident because you FEEL fit and strong.
  • Wearing clothes that emphasise your hot spots and minimise your dubious spots.
  • Your body has ‘check me out’ muscle tone.
  • You have touch-your-toes flexibility.
  • And you’re bursting with feel good endorphins from doing your workouts.

Covid taught us all that life can disappear in a heartbeat. So no more beating yourself up!

Get yourself into a workout routine…..

……….and LOVE yourself for the work you’ve put in!

Every workout is a feel-good step. Who doesn’t feel amazing after a workout? AND……..it’s a step towards boosting your immune system too.

Don’t give up or give in!

P.S.  Going grey naturally is one part of the ageing process I’m accepting and embracing! So you’ll see me with some dubious hair over the next year (or 3)! It’s not that I’ve given up….but it’s time for a new look!

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