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Niggling Back Issues? Make your body strong AND flexible!   With muscles fired up to help support your spine AND with ‘touch your toes’ flexibility!


Feeling Sluggish?  20 minute daily workouts will give you a big burst of energy.  


Feeling Invisible?  Make your body strong and feel the difference in your self-belief.


Avoid Looking In The Mirror?  Toned muscles will change the way you look AND the way you move.

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20 Minute home Workouts – no more dreading spending hours at the gym!

♦  Your Posture

♦  Your Energy Levels

♦  …………And Your Confidence Will Improve

……..When You Make Your Body strong and flexible With Toned, lean muscle In Your 50’s

Workouts that focus on flexibility so you can kiss those endless visits to the Physio and Chiropractor goodbye!

Learn the 3 mistakes women in this age bracket make when trying to lose weight.

Discover the 6 steps to get that toned muscle back on your body.

Plus BONUS training tips you can start using now.

“……….once I got going I was amazed at how quickly I was able to build strength and complete the workouts.  Such a wonderful regime for those that don’t have much time to regularly fit in a challenging workout.”   Debbie B.

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